Get Selection Ready

Passing the Special Operations selection process is challenging, but certainly achievable. You just need to know how...

Getting 'badged' isn't chance

It's cause and effect.

It's a test of your preparedness.

Prepare well, understand the selection process, what we're testing and what we need to see from you and you'll give yourself a good chance.

  • Learn from those who have gone before you
  • Develop your physical capabilities
  • Test, adjust and hone your mindset strategies and techniques, and turn up to selection ready to execute


Simple, but not easy.

How it works

Setting Foundations

Set solid mental and physical foundations from which to build.

Mission Planning

Understand thoroughly exactly how you're going to achieve mission success.

Mental Preparation

Learn, understand, then test & adjust all your mental resilience strategies.

Physical Training

Conduct the correct training, recover, repeat. Go into selection with no weaknesses.


Turn up to selection confident you've done all the preparation & ready to execute.


Pass selection, maintain the rage throughout reo, get badged, join the elite ranks.

Battle Tested

I've helped candidates prepare for and successfully pass the selection process for the following Special Operations units...


Australian and New Zealand units


Australian and New Zealand units

1 CDO Regiment

Australian ARES


Special Operations Engineer Regiment

Clearance Divers

Australian Navy


Police Tactical Groups in five different Police states

The Job

Special Operations is an awesome gig. It is the pinnacle and as such you'll be expected to perform. Every. Single. Day. You'll be working with the best blokes, have the best equipment, train in the best facilities and get the best missions domestically and overseas.

Special Operations need the best Operators, which is why the selection process is so intense. 

Turn up to selection underdone and you'll be found out, quick. 

Be professional. Put in the time to train, do the work, develop your skillsets and ensure you're ready.

That's what is expected throughout the selection process, and that's what is expected within an elite unit.


Rhys Dowden is the owner of Operator Edge, a company through which he provides to his clients extensive mental and physical conditioning in order to prepare for the Special Operations selection process.

Growing up in Queensland, Rhys enlisted in the Army as soon as he was 18 and then served a little more than four years in the Royal Australian Armored Corps. Later in his career, he served on Steve Irwin’s personal security detail at the Australia Zoo for six months and then worked as a private security contractor in Iraq between 2004 and 2006 before re-enlisting in the Army and going through the Commando Selection and Training Course in 2008. He then did two tours of duty in Afghanistan with the 2ndCommando Regiment, one tour as an operator and one tour as a sniper, accruing all-told ten years of military service.

Throughout his career, Rhys has trained in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) under Dan Higgins, Rodney Ellis at Southern Cross Jiu-Jitsu Association and Daniel Almeida, holding a black belt, in addition to Zen Do Kai, kickboxing, and boxing. As a teacher, he focuses on bringing about deep mindset shifts. He adds to the content of his courses constantly, working to increase the intensity and effectiveness of his material.

Rhys Dowden

Founder - Operator Edge

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