Attempting Special Forces Selection? Operator Edge has you covered...


What if you could increase your chances of making it through Selection?

Selection is tough and only a few make it each year, but what if there are some that fail that could have actually passed? There are many reasons why Soldiers fail selection, ensure you're properly preparing and covering all your bases before you attempt the hardest thing you will ever do.

  • The #1 Attribute you MUST develop before attempting Selection
  • Emotional Intelligence and why it's crucial to get control of so you don't ruin your chances
  • Basic Soldiering and what you need to master before going on course
  • The #1 Physical component you NEED to be competent at to ensure you're not left behind
  • What you need to know about yourself - complete this strategy and cover all your bases
  • What's your 'why' - if you don't know this, you're jeopardising your chances of success

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I'm consistently asked for my best advice on how to train physically and mentally for Special Forces Selection. These are my 14 best tips. Download and start implementing them into your plan to improve your chances of passing.

Rhys Dowden Rhys Dowden