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Take Your Strength, Athleticism & Power To The Next Level!


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Unlock Your Athletic Potential With My Brand New 14-Week Explosive Strength Program!

Dear Physical Training Warrior,

Are you ready to take your athletic performance to the next level? 

Whether you're a novice looking to build a solid foundation or an advanced athlete striving for peak performance, this explosive strength program is designed to propel you toward your goals.

This program isn't just another workout routine. It's a comprehensive training protocol meticulously crafted to enhance strength, athleticism, and power output for individuals across various fitness levels and athletic pursuits.


1. Tailored for Athletic Excellence: Designed for athletes in ball sports, combat sports, tactical roles, and track and field events, our program targets the specific demands of these disciplines, ensuring you're primed for success on the field, mat, or track.

2. Progressive Training Phases: With three distinct phases, our program systematically builds strength, power, and endurance while minimizing the risk of overuse injuries. From general physical preparation to focused strength and power development, each phase is strategically designed to maximize your gains.

3. Holistic Approach to Performance: We go beyond traditional strength training by incorporating metabolic conditioning, plyometrics, and active recovery techniques. This holistic approach ensures that your body is primed for peak performance, both physically and mentally.

4. Flexibility for Your Lifestyle: Whether you're a dedicated athlete or juggling multiple responsibilities, this program is adaptable to fit your schedule. Intermediate and advanced trainees can continue their sport-specific training, while novices receive the guidance they need to build a strong foundation.

5. Proven Results: Backed by science and real-world testing, this program will deliver remarkable results for athletes of all levels. By following this protocol diligently, you can expect significant improvements in strength, power, and overall athletic performance.

Don't settle for mediocre results - transform your game with this awesome explosive strength program.

Unlock your full potential, elevate your performance and conquer new heights!


Here's everything you get with this offer:

14-Week Explosive Strength Program

Program #1: 

This physical training protocol is intended to develop the strength, athleticism and power output of novice, intermediate and advanced trainees. It is aimed at those wanting to improve sport and athletic performance.

It is highly applicable to ball sports, combat sports and tactical athletes. It is also applicable for most track and field sports. This protocol aligns well with the aims of strength sports and can aid those concerned with body composition and body building to markedly improve strength thereby increasing the effectiveness of hypertrophy training.

The program is split into three phases:

1. The General Physical Preparation Phase - this will condition the muscles joints, nervous system and energy systems for more intense training. This phase mixes a lower body and upper body split style resistance training methodology with metabolic conditioning.

2. The Volume Phase - this phase utilises a whole body resistance training split enabling each body part to receive a higher frequency and volume of stimulus. While the progression in each resistance session is intended to be fairly linear, there is an element of wave type progression by having a “heavy”, “moderate” and “light” resistance session each week.

3. The Strength & Power PhaseWith low reps and high loads this training is deceptively intense and leverages the base built in the previous two phases. Training is a whole body resistance training split conducted four times per week in two day blocks, with a power session and a strength session in each block. To maximise strength and power gains all other training is curtailed in this phase.

There is also a preparation ramp phase for novices to complete before beginning the main program, detailed HIIT & Metcon sessions as well as specific information on plyometric training, loading intensity, active recovery, warm up and cool downs and nutrition advice.

Want to improve your athletic performance?

Get the 14-Week "Explosive Strength" Program.

6-Week Operator Training Program - Phase 1

program #2

This 6-week program is designed around the exact training I completed while in the 2nd Commando Regiment Sniper Platoon. As a sniper within a Special Forces unit, strength, conditioning and endurance were necessary elements of fitness to ensure you could complete all tasks and missions required by a sniper.

This program concentrates on building a base layer of muscle, increasing your VO2 max capacity through high intensity workouts, interspersed with moderate intensity workouts to aid in recovery, and introduce you to Military endurance training.

Another awesome training program that you'll love!

6-Week Operator Training Program - Phase 2

program #3

The second phase of the Operator Training Package concentrates on strength training, increasing your VO2 max capacity further through high intensity workouts, interspersed with moderate intensity workouts to aid in recovery and building on your military endurance training from phase one.

This program combines barbell and bodyweight strength training with sprint and middle distance running training. Rowing machines and stationery bikes are also incorporated into this phase as well as swimming sessions.

6-Week Operator Training Program - Phase 3

program #4

The third phase of the Operator Training Package concentrates on developing your muscular strength endurance and your military style endurance. This program is five days per week training with two training sessions per day on 4 of the 5 days. This program has a greater emphasis on swimming, weighted running and longer pack marching. Recovery sessions are a key element in this program to aid in recovery.

This program combines barbell, machine and bodyweight strength training with swimming, middle distance weighted running and heavy pack marching.

Mystery Program ($47 value)

mystERY BONUS #1

Could it be a training program, nutrition guide, mindset download?

Who knows?

It's a beauty though 🙂

Mystery Program ($47 value)

mystERY BONUS #2

WHAT! Another mystery bonus?


Wonder what it is? 🙂

22-Week SOF Run Ready Program ($147 value)

EXtra bonus #1: 

This program, as the name suggests, will condition you (the Special Forces candidate) to form a strong running ability. It will also transition you into running at a high standard whilst under combat load (3.2km < 16 mins - 8kg webbing + rifle).

Don't go into the entry test stressed/nervous/anxious about the run, worrying you'll fail (like many candidates do). Get the right training, follow the program, do the work and your running worries will be a thing of the past.

Want to finally know how to improve your running?

Get the 22-Week "SOF Run Ready" Program.

8-Week Mission Ready Program ($147 value)

extra bonus #2

The MRF program has been developed as a follow on program for individuals that have completed the Inception Conditioning Program (which you already have).

MRF is an 8-week program that ensures by the end of the 8 weeks the participant is ready to not only pass a military or police barrier/screen testing but to comprehensively exceed the required standard of all physical testing.

The training modality throughout each week of the program is broken up into varied disciplines and includes: a long march, endurance swim, 2 x muscle endurance/strength circuits, speed march, combat equipment run and combat clothing swim.

This program will get you ready for SFET.

Basic Nutrition Guide ($27 value)

extra bonus #3

My 21-page original nutrition guide with detailed explanations as to why I eat the way I do and why you should also to get the best health possible. Includes a 7-day meal plan.

Original Recipe Book ($27 value)

extra bonus #4

My 21-page original recipe booklet with 37 awesome and simple recipes to supplement the nutrition guide.

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