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22 Training And Mindset Principles of Special Forces Operators

  • The Warrior Mentality - Willpower, Tenacity, Resolution
  • The 7 Vital P's To Performance - Do these and you'll be ready for anything
  • Know Your Target & Create a 'why' - This is key in achieving any goal
  • Adaptation And Flexibility - The 'no excuse' mentality
  • How To Gain Confidence Through Past Successes
  • The Decisive Action Process And How To Apply It Immediately
  • The #1 Special Forces Attribute That Anyone Can Learn
  • Visualise And Feeling Your Success - How this can be the difference between success or failure

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These are the EXACT principles I have developed over years within the Military and Special Forces and the same I teach my clients everyday. Apply them, they work!

Rhys Dowden Rhys Dowden
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