(Part 1) The Small Wins Phenomenon

Using physicality to test and grow your mental toughness is a tool that has been used by many, including the Military, for millennia and to great effect. We know it works, as thrusting yourself into tough situations forces you to employ mental toughness strategies to overcome the adversity and complete the mission.

But what if you’re not ready for those tough situations and haven’t practiced or learned any mental toughness strategies to employ? Your odds of success are certainly diminished.

So how can we set ourselves up for success?


(Part 2) How To Build A Bulletproof Mission Plan

When I was in Commando’s and deployed to Afghanistan, we conducted a lot of missions outside the wire. As part of a Sniper in a small 6-man team, we’d regularly go out for 2-3 day missions behind enemy lines.

Now a lot can go wrong in a scenario like that. Anything from, helicopter crashes, team mates getting sick or injured, radio communications failing, the unpredictability of the enemy, harsh whether conditions and so on. A plethora of things that could put the team and mission at stake.

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(Part 3) How To Deal With Failure

Ok, so this is a subject I’m passionate about and love talking about, why, because it’s inevitable, failure is inevitable. We will all, throughout life, experience a number of setbacks and failures… If you get out of your comfort zone, push the boundaries, and set massive goals, at some point, you’ll experience failure. That’s just life…so it’s extremely important we learn to deal with those setbacks and failures to ensure we continue to push forward with whatever plans we have.

So let’s just say you’ve experienced some kind of failure. Then what? What will you do? Or what did you do?

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