Cutting Through BS Excuses!

I’m going to keep this short ..


Short, but sweet.


Recently I’ve made a significant pivot in how I’m operating my business and as such, I am conducting many more 1:1 coaching sessions.


To cut to the chase, I’ve noticed two significant reasons why people find it hard to achieve their goals.


Today I’m going to cover the first one:


  1. Procrastination.


I’ve heard all the excuses in the world when it comes to why a person can’t seem to get going…


“I’m working too much.”


“I have family commitments.”


"I'll start next week/month/year."


“My partner doesn’t understand.”


“I’m carrying a niggly injury.”


“I just can’t get out of bed.”


“I’m waiting for a better time.”


“I can’t afford it.”


“It’s cold.”


“I don’t know what to do.”


“I’m waiting till I get fitter.”


“Such and such a person is stopping me.”


Blah, blah, blah.




You know who isn’t making up excuses?




Want to know the real reason why people procrastinate when it comes to achieving their goals?




It’s that simple.


Fear of failure.


People are so scared that if they actually commit to achieving their goals and fail, that they will forever be a failure.


That failure is an absolute ..


A definitive end state.


The finale.


And so they don’t fully commit. They dip their toe in the water and go at it half arsed.




To give themselves an excuse.


If they set out to achieve a goal, only half commit and fail ..


Then they can simply turn around and say .. to whomever is listening (themselves mainly) ..


“Well, I didn’t really have a good crack at it. If I did actually fully commit I probably would have made it.”


And that person will continue to go through life full of excuses. Half committing to tasks and never truly putting it all on the line ..


Never truly putting themselves out there ..


Always living in fear.


What a shit way to live.


Don’t want to be that person always governed by their fears?


Want to break the fear of failure cycle?


Need to overcome procrastination?


“No shit!” I hear you say 🙂


Well here it is…



Go “All In”!



You must go all in and fully commit.


Nothing else will cut it ..


Nothing else will get you to where you want to be ..


Nothing else will achieve mission success.


Stop kidding yourself with bullshit excuses ..


Stop holding yourself back ..


Get serious ..




And if failure strikes?


If you fall short?


Time and time again?


Analyse it ..


Learn from it ..


Take the criticism ..


The feedback ..


The negativity ..


The embarrassment.


And realise failure isn’t an absolute ..


It’s not the final tale ..


It’s simple part of the process ..


A stepping stone ..


An essential part of the story.


Be comfortable with it ..


Use it.


And apply the growth mindset ..


To improve ..


Get better ..


And do it again ..


And again ..


And again ..


Until you make progress ..


Until you move forward ..


Until you reach your desired end game ..


Until you fuckin’ make it.


Simple ..


Simple, but not easy.


Ready to make it?


Ready to achieve your goals?


Ready to see through your own excuses?


Then go “all in” ..


And be ready to win.


Can you handle that?



Rhys Dowden

Operator Edge

Mindset is a choice








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About the Author

Rhys Dowden is the owner of Operator Edge, a company through which he provides to his clients extensive mental conditioning along with military, self-defense, and physical training.

Growing up in Queensland, Rhys enlisted in the Army as soon as he was 18 and then served a little more than four years in the Royal Australian Armored Corps. Later in his career, he served on Steve Irwin’s personal security detail at the Australia Zoo for six months and then worked as a private security contractor in Iraq between 2004 and 2006 before re-enlisting in the Army and going through the Commando Selection and Training Course in 2008.