Just Like Bond (except not)

“Want to go to Dubai?”

This was the question from a close mate of mine as soon as I answered the phone.

“Sure, when?” I asked.

“Plane leaves at 8.30pm” he replied.

It was just before 5pm and I was about 30mins from home. The airport was about an hour from my place. That didn’t give me much time to stuff around.

“I’ll make it,” I confirmed.


Rhys Dowden - June 27, 2017.

Winning After A Loss

A few weeks ago I won gold at a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu competition in Brisbane. It was my first win as a brown belt.

A win is great, but what was special about this win was the fact that only 1 week before I was beaten in my first competition as a brown belt. Soundly beaten. I was put into a chokehold after about 10 seconds and fought for the next 2 minutes trying to get out of it. I finally had to tap (submit) or pass out.

What’s worse was that it was my home competition and everybody from my club was watching.


Rhys Dowden - April 6, 2017.

First Mission Fun

My first mission within a Sniper team didn’t exactly go the way we’d planned…

We were inserted via Chinook helicopter a little after midnight on a moonless night. It was dark, really dark.

We were each carrying around 65-70 kgs of equipment. It was heavy...


Rhys Dowden - February 23, 2017.

8 Things I Learned In Special Forces - Part 2

Continuing on from last week's blog in which I admitted how many times I've probably watched the greatest movie ever, Predator...

...here's Part 2.


Rhys Dowden - January 20, 2017.

8 Things I Learned In Special Forces - Part 1

Let's be honest, I've watched Predator starring Arnold Schwarzenegger at least 147 times...

... at least!

While it's a great movie, it's typical Hollywood and there's many, many things wrong with the movie in regards to how things actually are within a Special Forces unit and the missions we undertake.

Here are 10 things I learned in Special Forces...and a few myths busted!


Rhys Dowden - January 13, 2017.

A Really bad day... or two!

So I was having a beer the other night, relaxing and decompressing after a long, but fulfilling week. I was going through some emails, scrolling Facebook and generally chilling out.

I was relaxed, until the point I knocked my beer and spilt it all over my laptop. I quickly grabbed a towel, mopped up the surface liquid and turned the laptop over.


Rhys Dowden - December 29, 2016.

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