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8-Week "COMBAT READY" Program

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Dear Aspiring Special Operations Candidate or Dedicated Civilian Warrior,

If you are gearing up for a Special Operations selection process, be it within the military or law enforcement realms, and find yourself navigating through uncertainty about your preparation, yet you are determined to excel in every physical challenge presented during selection, then look no further—this program is exactly what you've been searching for.

Introducing the 8-Week "Combat Ready" Program: a meticulously designed physical preparation regimen tailored specifically for the demands of Special Operations selection - or for those that just want to train like SF Operators!

This is the first time I've ever released this as a stand alone program.

As an added bonus, I'm delighted to include two (2) additional training programs at no extra cost—just because I believe in providing you with all the tools you need to succeed.

Rest assured, there are no hidden conditions attached to this offer (other than the fact that it expires once the countdown reaches zero).

No delays.

You gain immediate access to all the resources highlighted on this page, empowering you to begin your journey towards peak physical readiness without a moment's hesitation.

8-Week Combat Ready Program ($147 value)

Program #1: 

The CRF program is expertly crafted as the next step for individuals who have not only completed the Inception Conditioning (ICP) and Mission Ready Phase 2 programs but have also successfully passed the SFET (although it's great as a stand alone program too). It's tailored for those on the path to either military Special Forces or police selection courses - or those that just want to train like it!

Over the course of 8 weeks, CRF guarantees that participants will be more than prepared to not just meet but significantly exceed the stringent standards set for military or police selection physical assessments.

The program's weekly training schedule is a rich tapestry of varied disciplines, designed to build a well-rounded physical foundation. Participants will engage in a series of challenging activities, including a long march, an endurance swim, two sessions of muscle endurance/strength circuits, interval running, and a weekly test to measure progress.

This program is the ultimate preparation for your selection process, ensuring you enter with the confidence and capability to stand out.

8-Week Original SF Program - Phase 1 ($47 value)

program #2

Introducing my original SF Phase 1 program, inspired by the exact training regimen I adhered to while preparing for the SF entry test.

This holistic program integrates a dynamic mix of barbell exercises, bodyweight workouts, sprint training, endurance conditioning, swimming, and both gym-based and outdoor work capacity enhancements.

Although the Mission Ready program has since evolved to replace this one, the original SF Phase 1 remains an excellent choice for diversifying your training. It's especially beneficial for those who are in the early stages of their preparation for selection, offering a comprehensive approach to building a solid fitness foundation.

4-Week Bodyweight Program ($27 value)

program #3

This program is ideal for those with limited or no gym access, or for staying fit while on vacation. It's straightforward and features a diverse range of engaging workouts to keep you motivated and ward off monotony.

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