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Dear Valued Aspirant of Special Operations or Dedicated Civilian Warrior,

Thanks for purchasing the Combat Ready Program - that program (as well as the bonuses) are on the way to your inbox (check your spam folder too!) - while you wait though, check this out...

I am thrilled to present to you the most comprehensive and unparalleled training package I have ever assembled, now available at an exceptional offer like never before!

Whether you're setting your sights on undertaking Special Operations selection for Military or Police forces, or simply aim to embrace the rigorous training regime they undergo, this is the ultimate physical training collection tailor-made for you.

Here's what makes this opportunity extraordinary:

This package bundles together an extensive suite of 30 physical training programs, alongside nutrition guides and selection-specific resources. Individually, these components boast a collective value exceeding $2,000 – a testament to their unmatched quality and depth.

Yet, for a limited time only – and in the spirit of providing an awesome deal! – I am delighted to extend this entire collection to you for an astonishingly low price of just $97! This exclusive offer represents a remarkable 95% discount, ensuring you receive the best possible value as you embark on your training journey.

By enrolling today, you're not just investing in a training package; you're gaining access to a comprehensive toolkit designed to prepare you for the rigors of selection and the challenges beyond, all conveniently located in one accessible place.

Selection processes are demanding, and life itself is filled with challenges. My goal is to equip you with the resilience and strength required to overcome them. Take this step towards fortifying your physical and mental toughness today.

12-Week Inception Conditioning Program ($147 value)

Program #1

This training program is truly exceptional! Introducing my 12-week conditioning program, expertly designed as an entry point for individuals across a spectrum of fitness levels, all united by the ultimate ambition of qualifying for Military Special Forces or a Police Tactical Group.

This meticulously structured program is crafted to ensure that by the culmination of the 12 weeks, you'll have achieved a fitness level robust enough to embark on a specialized pre-selection training regimen. This next phase is tailored to address the unique challenges, events, and scenarios you'll encounter during the selection course.

Prepare yourself for a transformative journey—this program is intense, but in the most rewarding way possible!

8-Week Mission Ready Program ($147 value)

Program #2

The MRF program is specifically designed as an advanced continuation for individuals who have successfully completed the ICP Phase 1 program.

Spanning 8 weeks, MRF meticulously prepares participants not just to meet but to significantly surpass the demanding standards of any military or police fitness tests. By the conclusion of the program, you will be more than ready to excel in all aspects of physical evaluation.

Each week, the training regimen introduces a diverse mix of disciplines, ensuring a comprehensive approach to fitness. The schedule includes a variety of challenges: a long-distance march, an endurance swim, two muscle endurance/strength circuits, a speed march, a run in combat equipment, and a swim in combat attire.

This program is your stepping stone to the Special Forces Entry Test (SFET), rigorously equipping you with the physical capabilities to thrive.

22-Week SOF Run Ready Program ($147 value)

Program #3

This program is meticulously designed to enhance your running prowess, making you, a Special Forces candidate, adept at sustaining a robust running capability. It skillfully guides you towards excelling in running while bearing a combat load (completing 3.2km in under 16 minutes with 8kg webbing and a rifle).

Eliminate the common entry test apprehensions—stress, nerves, and anxiety about failing the running segment, a hurdle many candidates face. With the right training approach provided by this program, diligent practice, and committed effort, your concerns about running will dissolve.

Are you ready to elevate your running skills and leave your limitations behind?

Embark on your journey with the 22-Week "SOF Run Ready" Program.

8-Week SF Program Phase 2 ($47 value)

Program #4

Presenting my foundational SF Phase 2 program, crafted based on the rigorous training regimen I pursued in preparation for the Commando Selection and Training Course.

This comprehensive program blends a variety of training methodologies, including barbell exercises, bodyweight routines, sprint training, endurance conditioning, swimming, and capacity building both inside and outside the gym.

Though the Combat Ready program has since taken its place, the SF Phase 2 program remains an invaluable resource for those looking to diversify their training approach. It's particularly advantageous for individuals who are in the preliminary phases of their selection preparation, offering a well-rounded base to build upon.

6-Week Operator Program Phase 1 ($47 value)

Program #5

This 6-week regimen is inspired by the precise training I underwent as a member of the 2nd Commando Regiment Sniper Platoon. Serving as a sniper in a Special Forces unit demanded a high level of strength, conditioning, and endurance to successfully execute the wide range of tasks and missions expected of a sniper.

This program is focused on developing a foundational layer of muscle, enhancing your VO2 max capacity with high-intensity workouts, and balancing these with moderate-intensity sessions to support recovery. Additionally, it introduces you to the rigorous demands of Military endurance training.

Experience another exceptional training program that's sure to captivate and challenge you!

6-Week Operator Program Phase 2 ($47 value)

Program #6

The second phase of the Operator Training Package shifts the focus towards strength enhancement, further elevating your VO2 max capacity with a blend of high-intensity workouts. These are carefully balanced with moderate-intensity sessions to foster recovery while continuing to advance the military endurance groundwork laid in phase one.

This phase seamlessly integrates barbell exercises and bodyweight strength training alongside sprint and middle-distance running drills. It also introduces rowing machines and stationary bikes to diversify the training experience, complemented by swimming sessions for a holistic approach to building superior physical capabilities.

6-Week Operator Program Phase 3 ($47 value)

Program #7

The third installment of the Operator Training Package is meticulously designed to enhance your muscular endurance and military-grade stamina. This intensive program is structured around five days of weekly training, including double sessions on four of those days, intensifying your preparation.

With a pronounced focus on swimming, weighted runs, and extended pack marches, this phase significantly elevates the endurance aspects of your regimen. Integral to the program are recovery sessions, strategically incorporated to facilitate optimal recuperation and performance.

Incorporating a blend of barbell exercises, machine-assisted workouts, and bodyweight strength training, this phase is complemented by swimming, middle-distance weighted runs, and challenging pack marches, offering a holistic approach to achieving peak physical readiness.

8-Week Military Enlistment Program ($47 value)

Program #8

The Military Enlistment Program is carefully crafted to guarantee that you are in peak physical condition to not only meet but exceed the standards of military enlistment physical evaluations.

To optimally position yourself for success in basic training, it's imperative to excel across various fitness domains, including strength, conditioning, and endurance.

This program is dedicated to thoroughly preparing you for recruit training, enhancing your strength, boosting your VO2 max capacity, and focusing on military-specific disciplines to ensure you're fully equipped for the challenges ahead.

Basic Nutrition Guide ($27 value)

Program #9

My 21-page original nutrition guide with detailed explanations as to why I eat the way I do and why you should also to get the best health possible. Includes a 7-day meal plan.

Master Meal Plan ($47 value)

Program #10

Introducing my latest 12-Week Nutrition Plan, an excellent augmentation to the foundational nutrition guide. This comprehensive plan equips you with all the essential tools and insights required to optimize your health and wellbeing.

Original Recipe Book ($27 value)

program #11

Discover my original 21-page recipe booklet, featuring 37 incredible and straightforward recipes designed to complement the nutrition guide.

Advanced Recipe Book ($47 value)

Program #12

Dive into our 99-page healthy recipe book, brimming with 50 fresh recipes that include:

  • Energizing Breakfasts
  • Refreshing Salads
  • Savory Light Bites
  • Guilt-free Not-so-sweet Treats, and
  • Delightful Extras

You're sure to adore this culinary collection!

Madness, Mindset & Mastery eBook ($27 value)

Program #13

Explore the pages of this ebook, featuring:

  • 73 pages filled with authentic stories from the heart of Special Forces, encompassing humorous accounts, personal reflections, unvarnished truths, and straightforward quotes (not necessarily inspirational, but undeniably genuine!).
  • Embark on a journey through my trials, tribulations, and triumphs. Utilize the hard-earned lessons from my experiences in demanding and relentless settings to enhance your life, establishing a foundation of resilience, cultivating steadfast toughness, and fostering a relentless drive for success.
  • Discover 29 personal photographs that capture the grit, authenticity, and occasional humor of experiences in war, life, and competitive environments.
  • Gain privileged insight into the obscure realm of Special Forces, including aspects of training, mission preparation, and international operations.

Building Resilience Complete Module ($47 value)

Program #14

Cultivating mental toughness is undoubtedly a challenging journey, and finding a reliable starting point can often feel like navigating through a maze. The vast sea of information available, much of it echoing the same refrains of "take action," "keep moving forward," and "grind it out," can make the task seem even more daunting.

With this challenge in mind, my goal with this guide has been to distill and present some fundamental elements that I believe are crucial for you to focus on as you embark on the path to strengthening your mental resilience.

This guide is designed to offer you straightforward, yet profoundly impactful strategies that you can start applying right away to enhance your resilience. These tactics are intended to be simple to integrate into your daily routine, yet powerful enough to make a significant difference in your mental fortitude.

Self-Mastery Complete Module ($47 value)

Program #15

Self-mastery is the art of achieving deep insight into, understanding, and command over your physical, mental, and emotional realms. It's about developing a keen awareness, profound understanding, deliberate control, and purposeful action toward all facets of your being.

The ultimate aim of self-mastery is to attain sovereignty over the one constant you can influence in any given scenario: yourself. Mastering your emotional responses and the manner in which you engage or respond to situations is a critical step in enhancing your emotional intelligence, or EQ.

Moreover, self-mastery involves the disciplined regulation of your thoughts, words, and actions. These are crucial competencies, whether your goal is to navigate the rigorous demands of selection processes or to simply elevate the quality of your life. This holistic approach empowers you to sculpt a life of intention, resilience, and fulfillment.

Navigation Guide ($47 value)

Program #16

Navigation skills are a pivotal component of the selection process, and entering this challenging phase without being adept in navigation significantly increases the risk of being eliminated from the course.

Why is this so crucial?

The navigation segment, often extending between 4 to 5 days, involves a competitive assessment where your ability to reach various checkpoints is measured against that of other candidates. Falling short of the average checkpoint achievement means an abrupt end to your selection journey.

Yet, mastering navigation isn't merely about exerting maximum effort throughout the duration of this phase. Overexertion can lead to burnout; instead, it demands a blend of intelligence and efficiency. A profound understanding of navigation principles is essential, enabling you to chart the most effective course from point A to point B—which isn't always a straight line.

The essence of navigation transcends mere orientation; it's about strategic planning and execution, critical to your success in the selection process. This bonus is designed to ensure you possess the navigation expertise necessary to excel.

Knots & Hitches Article ($97 value)

Program #17

Knot-tying prowess is another critical skill evaluated during the selection process, and it's far more challenging than it may initially appear. True to the demanding nature of selection, the tasks are designed to test your limits—in this case, during Commando selection.

Imagine the scenario: you're expected to leap from a 10-meter platform under the cloak of night, plunge into the depths of a pool, and execute a series of complex knots. Following this, you must resurface and accurately recite a "code" that was provided to you earlier.

It's clear, then, that mastering your knots is not just beneficial—it's imperative.

This download is meticulously crafted to ensure you become proficient in knot tying, equipping you with the essential skills needed to navigate this daunting yet thrilling aspect of the selection process with confidence.

SF Selection AAR's

Program #18

Are you eager to uncover the intricacies of past selection courses? Keen to absorb wisdom from those who have triumphantly navigated Special Operations selection in recent years? This download is precisely what you've been searching for!

Featuring comprehensive After Action Reports from successful candidates of Special Operations selection—including Commando, SASR, and Police Tactical Groups—for the years 2020, 2021, and 2022, this resource is a goldmine of insights.

Dive into detailed lessons learned, practical tips and strategies, insider knowledge, and day-by-day analyses of the selection process. This treasure trove of information is designed to equip you with the firsthand knowledge necessary for thorough preparation, all from the perspectives of those who have achieved success themselves.

SFDRS Preparation Guide

Program #19

Are you considering the Direct Recruiting Scheme (DRS) pathway? You're in good company; it's a highly competitive arena!

This guide is your roadmap to mastering the DRS recruiting process. I'll provide you with a clear understanding of the process itself, the assessment criteria, and the essential insights you need to arrive at your assessment day fully prepared to showcase the best version of yourself. Our goal is to ensure you're evaluated as "suitable and recommended" for the DRS pathway.

Preparation is key. With hundreds of applicants vying for a position each year, it's crucial to distinguish yourself. Let this guide be your secret weapon to stand out in the crowd.

17 Military Enlistment Tips

Program #20

Heading off to basic training? 

Get ahead with this 17-point guide that shows you what you need to do in order to prepare for basic training.

Develop the key skills and ready your mind before getting on that bus that takes you to recruit training - after all, this is a life changing moment - be ready!

Mission Planning Blueprint

Program #21

This blueprint is awesome! It's my comprehensive mission planning template that shows you exactly how to plan your selection mission - in minute detail.

It includes:

1. The Individual Military Appreciation Process (IMAP) explainer download (12 pages)

2. The IMAP worksheet blank template download (11 pages)

3. The SMEAC mission planning process explainer download (9 pages)

4. The SMEAC mission planning process example download (10 pages)

5. The SMEAC mission planning process worksheet blank template (9 pages)

That's an incredible amount of detailed mission planning information!

Download the material. Absorb the information. Plan out your selection mission.

Success is inevitable!


Commando Training Program

Program #22

This is a 19-week selection specific training program written by the physical training instructors from the 2nd Commando Regiment. Designed to get you to a standard to pass the Commando Selection and Training Course.

SASR Training Program

Program #23

A 26-week selection specific training program written by the physical training instructors from the Special Air Service Regiment. Designed to get you to a standard to pass the SASR selection course.

S.E.R.T. Training Program

Program #24

This is the 16-week training program given to Police Officers attempting the Queensland Police Special Emergency Response Team selection course.

S.T.A.R. Training Program

Program #25

This is the 20-week training program given to Police Officers attempting the South Australian Police Special Tasks And Rescue selection course.

S.O.G. Training Program (TAS)

Program #26

This is the 10-week training program given to Police Officers attempting the Tasmanian Police Special Operations Group selection course.

S.O.G. Training Program (VIC)

Program #27

This is a 13-week training program given to Police Officers attempting the Victorian Police Special Operations selection course.

14-Week Explosive Strength Program ($147 value)

Program #28

Whether you're a novice looking to build a solid foundation or an advanced athlete striving for peak performance, this explosive strength program is designed to propel you toward your goals.

This program isn't just another workout routine. It's a comprehensive training protocol meticulously crafted to enhance strength, athleticism, and power output for individuals across various fitness levels and athletic pursuits.


1. Tailored for Athletic Excellence: Designed for athletes in ball sports, combat sports, tactical roles, and track and field events, our program targets the specific demands of these disciplines, ensuring you're primed for success on the field, mat, or track.

2. Progressive Training Phases: With three distinct phases, our program systematically builds strength, power, and endurance while minimizing the risk of overuse injuries. From general physical preparation to focused strength and power development, each phase is strategically designed to maximize your gains.

3. Holistic Approach to Performance: We go beyond traditional strength training by incorporating metabolic conditioning, plyometrics, and active recovery techniques. This holistic approach ensures that your body is primed for peak performance, both physically and mentally.

4. Flexibility for Your Lifestyle: Whether you're a dedicated athlete or juggling multiple responsibilities, this program is adaptable to fit your schedule. Intermediate and advanced trainees can continue their sport-specific training, while novices receive the guidance they need to build a strong foundation.

5. Proven Results: Backed by science and real-world testing, this program will deliver remarkable results for athletes of all levels. By following this protocol diligently, you can expect significant improvements in strength, power, and overall athletic performance.

Don't settle for mediocre results - transform your game with this awesome explosive strength program.

Original Mindset Course ($500 value)

Program #29

This is a meticulously curated collection of straightforward, effective strategies for mental resilience that, once mastered, will empower you for a lifetime.

Embark on a transformative journey to emulate the mindset, training, and actions of elite soldiers. This program is designed to equip you with both the physical and mental prowess needed to excel in every aspect of your life, ensuring you operate at your peak performance.

In just a few weeks, you will notice a profound transformation. This comprehensive course is your gateway to mastering skills that are immediately applicable to daily challenges, setting you on a path to unparalleled success.

Your journey to self-improvement comes with lifetime access to our exclusive membership site, a treasure trove of resources at your fingertips.

The course unfolds over six detailed modules, featuring over 40 instructional videos. These cover a wide array of vital topics including self-mastery, emotional intelligence, decisive action, crafting a personal foundation plan, navigating obstacles, habit transformation, motivation, body language, stress management, discipline, and the crucial practice of stress inoculation...

...and that's just the beginning. Prepare to dive deep into a wealth of knowledge and emerge fully equipped to tackle life's challenges with confidence and skill.

Mindset Accelerator Program ($300 value)

Program #30

Welcome to the gateway of my "Mindset Vault," an exclusive collection of groundbreaking content that has rarely been released. This series is meticulously crafted to fortify your mental strength, enhance your performance, and elevate your health and well-being, guiding you towards becoming a more robust, healthier, and joyful version of yourself.

I am thrilled to offer you complete access...

...to the ENTIRE collection, which includes over 70 insightful articles and continues to grow. This treasure trove of wisdom is yours to explore and benefit from, starting now.


$97  $2,000

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