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Can ONE THING Really Change Your Mindset And Make 2018 Your Best Ever Year?


From The Desk Of Rhys Dowden

May, 2018.


Dear Friend,


If you’re seriously interested in mental toughness…


Specifically, someone who’s actually trying to improve their mindset, physically training hard, watching their nutrition and actively WORKING to develop themselves…


Then this may be the most important letter you’ll ever read.


The reason why is because I’m going to show you the biggest mindset discovery I’ve ever made …and I’m going to show you how to apply it to your own life.


And by the way – the reason I say “biggest mindset discovery I’ve ever made” is because…


2017 Was My Best Ever Year.


And by “best”, I mean “most enjoyable”.


And by “most enjoyable” I mean …


I Made The Biggest Gains In Both My Personal Life And Business Life, Ever.


Who cares about killing it at work if you can’t enjoy it with your family, right?


But you know what the cool part is?


Two things:


First, I did it in SPITE of major distractions. For example, my family and I upped and left Sydney and relocated to the Northern Rivers – without a place to live – causing a little drama to say the least. Then there was the birth of my son, at home. Yep, picture Midwife Rhys attempting to remain cool, calm and collected while encouraging my wife to conduct her breathing technique (talk about stressful!)


…And while all this was happening, I was going back and forth with the lawyers and a previous business partner regarding certain ethical matters that required finalising.


Then I discovered that the … wait.


What’s that you say?


How is this the “cool part”??




You see, I had the best, most enjoyable, most successful year in my life …IN SPITE of all those distractions!


But here’s where it gets really good.


Because on top of not being bothered by all those distractions and little interferences,


I was also GONE a lot of the time!


And I don’t mean “gone” as in “I didn’t go to the office” (which is in my home btw).




In 2017 I travelled interstate more times than I can count …and that’s counting using both hands and both feet.


And that’s not even counting all the trips within NSW …surfing trips, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu trips, contracting trips, and all that.


And it’s still going strong by the way. In January of this year, I booked in a number of mindset seminars to different businesses, my membership site is growing, my wife’s business is up and running, the kids are awesome…


…life is good!


And it’s just me. No team of employees, no investors, no silent business partner.


Just me.


(Full disclosure, I do have a number of online sources that help me out, but it’s mainly systemization and automation that’s been the biggest win) …


So – how did I do it?




I knocked down the “big roadblock”.


Let me explain …


You’re Only ONE “Big Roadblock” Away…


Throughout the last few years working in the mindset space, coaching and helping others improve their mental toughness, I have come to realise ONE THING…


There’s always ONE big roadblock…


ONE “big thing” that when identified, will totally transform your life.


And if you can find it and knock it down…


Everything will change… and faster than you could possibly imagine!


From Shy, Quiet & Anxious To Cage Fighter


Take my client (and now friend), Brett, for example.


I first met him back in 2016 as a quiet young fellow who had zero confidence and poor self-image.


He was simply going through the motions in life. Comfortable, but insanely bored with his job, doing the same old things day in and day out and really changing nothing over the past 15 years and progressing nowhere, FAST…


…although wishing constantly he had the courage to do so.


Have you ever experienced that same thing? Wanting to change desperately, but not having the confidence, inclination or know-how to do so? It sucks!


Anyways – turns out Brett’s “Big Roadblock” was this one little-neglected area of his life that was actually a hidden goldmine.


I helped him uncover it (and focus on it) and fast forward six months …he went to his local gym, signed up for BJJ lessons, saw the gym was running try-outs for Wimp2Warrior and with a little encouragement from me …signed up.*


Wimp2Warrior is a program where successful candidates train in Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) for six months, covering boxing, kickboxing, wrestling and jiu-jitsu, which culminates in a real-life cage fight!


That’s not a typo.


Brett went from a shy, timid guy with poor self-image to MMA warrior getting up at 4.30am, 5 days a week, training like a professional athlete, cleaning up his nutrition, cutting out alcohol and focusing solely on becoming the best version of himself.


And it would never have happened if we hadn’t found his Big Thing.


Took The Leap, Attempted Special Forces Selection, And Made It.


What’s crazy is everybody’s “Big Thing” is different.


I’ve got this great mate named Mick (not his real name).


I first started working with Mick in 2015.


He was doing well. Working hard in his brother’s business, training even harder, eating well and generally enjoying life – but he wanted more.


He wanted to give Special Forces a crack.


Naturally, he was a little nervous and apprehensive. He had plenty of negative thoughts and scenarios running through his head that were putting him off and affecting his confidence …and delaying his decision to apply.


“Look”, I said, “everybody always focuses on the high percentage of people who don’t make Special Forces, but what about the people who do make it?


On average 80% of people fail. That’s 20% that pass. Mick, somebody has to make it, why not you?”


Pretty simple right?


I got Mick to write down all his past achievements, no matter how big or how small. Anything and everything he’d completed that he was proud of.


Turns out he’d achieved a lot and his confidence grew.


Again, as I do, I encouraged Mick to bite the bullet (pun intended) and apply for the most direct route to Special Forces …the Direct Recruiting Scheme, and …


By the end of the year, he’d applied and been accepted into the scheme.


And all it took was that ONE THING.


A little mindset shift and it was GAME TIME!


Once he’d realised that the real key to major success was finding that ONE thing and focusing on it, he was all in.


But obviously, this was just the beginning of his journey.


So he came and met with me again before Commando Selection – this time he wanted to be fully prepared for the rigours of the course.


The next “Big Thing” was to add in ONE little additional exercise to help him focus, remain calm and persist until the end.


We focused on it, worked hard, and a few months later …




He was onto the Commando reinforcement cycle! Pretty cool right?


Not because he did a million different things to try and prepare for selection …but because he found the ONE “BIG THING” and focused just on that ONE THING.


Oh. By the way. He’s a fully “badged” Commando now.


I know how he feels and it’s awesome! He just now needs to become a Sniper to really up his cool factor 😛


The point is – you don’t need to (and should not try to) attempt to implement a thousand different strategies and change every single thing about yourself.


And when I knocked down my ONE big thing…


I went from buying every course out there and trying to implement every single thing I got my hands on to try and improve my business and life…


To a streamlined, adaptable, stress-free work and life balance that actually makes me jump out of bed at 5 am every morning and strive to improve it.


Having that stability allows me to actually enjoy what I do and focus on the projects I’m truly interested in … like writing to you today.


I have less stress and I’m able to work on my terms pursuing ventures that help me grow, develop and evolve.


All because I found my ONE big thing


Imagine What Could Happen If You found

Your “One Big Thing”…


Imagine how that could change your life…


You could actually begin to go after the things you want with the confidence you’ll actually get them…


All while decreasing stress…


You could spend more time doing the things you enjoy … and not always be working on “stuff” that’s no fun …


You could experience life on a whole other level…


All by finding that ONE big thing…


But finding it can be is pretty bloody hard. It can take years of trial and error. Hours of wasted time on easily avoidable mistakes.


The good news is,


I’m going to find your ONE THING for you!


…You don’t have to worry about implementing a whole bunch of ideas that you don’t have time for, and that don’t work.


…You don’t have to put even more on your to-do list.


All you have to do is that ONE THING that I uncover…


Does That Sound Like Something You Want?


If it is, I can help you. BUT THERE’S MORE TO THE STORY.


Getting amazing results and actually pulling this off is – like most things – harder than it looks.


And totally transforming your life takes time, effort and energy.


In order for me to really help you, I need to work with you for about six months.


If you’re interested in working together,


Here’s What I Got:


I’m creating a program that’s limited to just 10 people.


Yes. 10.


My entire focus is on finding your ONE THING, perfecting it, and implementing it.


We’ll accomplish this by jumping on a 1:1 phone or skype call once or twice per month – and by having monthly group focusing calls and weekly group accountability checks.


If accepted, I can absolutely guarantee you’ll be thrilled because I’ve done this before – a number of times – and it works.


This program is by invitation only and I’ll give you a link to request an invite at the bottom of this letter.


But …


Before You Apply, Let Me Be Brutally Honest:


This is expensive. (Not ridiculously so …it’s about a tenth of the cost of a typical “mastermind”.)


Plus, you’ll be required to implement what you learn …fast …and share your results. (To be clear “you gotta work”.)


What else? Hmm … oh yes, you’ll be asked to share what’s working in your life with the rest of the group (just as fellow members will be required to share their secrets with YOU.)


Here’s How To Apply:


Since this is limited to just 10 people, I’ve created an application process to filter out any tire-kickers or flakes.


Here’s how it works:


  1. You’ll see the link to the application at the bottom of this letter.
  2. After you fill it out, I’ll review it personally.
  3. If I think we *might* be a good fit, I’ll schedule a call between you and me.
  4. That call will be maybe 30 minutes and if I think we’re a good match, I’ll invite you to participate.




This opportunity is extremely limited because…


There are only 10 total slots for this group.


And I’ve sent this letter to my entire database.


So with that being said, know that the window of opportunity won’t be open long.


If you feel like this is right for you, click the “Apply Now” link below and fill out an application before the remaining spots fill up and you miss out on this opportunity for good.




Thanks for taking the time to read this letter and I look forward to talking with you!


Rhys Dowden


P.S. You’re probably wondering a few things.


First, you might be thinking, “Hey – if he’s only taking 10 people, this has GOT to be expensive. Like $5000 or something.”


Makes sense.


But it’s nowhere near that. It’s not even 1/2 of that.


Which might make you wonder, “Then what’s the point in doing it? Seems like it’s not that much money!


Well, as I’ve learned, money definitely isn’t everything.


This is about helping people like you to make real and sustainable changes in your life.


But that’s not all…


Thing is, this is a beta test for a program I plan to grow into a major 12-month course.


Here’s the deal.


For the past two years, I’ve been conducting 1:1 Coaching to private members who pay good money for each consult …and we work together to find the “Big Thing” that helps to change their mindset and therefore, their lives.


And each time it’s been awesome.


Not just for my clients, but also for me personally. I’ve learned a lot about people, mindset, limiting beliefs, fears, setbacks and all other sorts of solvable issues that hold people back.


It’s helped me up my game and I actually enjoy it.


So that’s why I’ve created this project. Because I like doing it.


But instead of you paying my normal 1:1 Coaching fees …I’ve created a flat rate for up to twelve 1:1 sessions and six group sessions.


The reason I’ve constructed it like this is so I can help more people …fast.


Then, once the system is cemented, scale it appropriately to help as many people as possible develop the mindset they need to reach whatever targets they set.




Anyway – that’s the “inside scoop”.


So – if you want in, APPLY HERE ASAP. The spots will definitely fill up fast.


*Hey – remember how I put little asterisks in the parts where I was telling you about Brett and Mick?


That’s because I want to be clear with you about something.


First – their stories are completely different and may not involve anything even remotely close to what’s going on in your life and what goals you want to achieve …and it doesn’t matter.


The reason why is their specific goals are completely irrelevant to you anyway.


I’m not telling you about them as a way of saying “Hey – give me money and you’ll experience exactly what they did.”


There’s no way I could know what you can expect – considering we’ve never spoken and I don’t know anything about your life situation yet.


I’m only sharing their stories with you to illustrate the power of finding the one big “lever” in your life …and giving all your focus to THAT (as opposed to juggling a thousand different things at the same time.)


If you’re reading this letter, you’re probably pretty successful already – and everything I just told you about results being irrelevant to what you can expect is a “given”. What one person does has nothing to do with what you do, and visa versa.


But still – best to make that clear anyway. You can never go wrong by being totally up front with people.


So if you want to work with a straight shooter (again, pun intended!) who can help you, click here and let’s get on the phone and see what we can do together.