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Here's Everything You're Getting For Just $10!

Dear Special Operations Candidate or Civilian Warrior,

Yes. You really ARE getting EIGHT training programs for just TEN bucks.

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You get instant access to everything on this page.

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My Black Friday/Cyber Monday Special went so well that I'm extending it for a short time only!

12-Week Inception Conditioning Program

Program #1: 

This training program is awesome! It's my 12-week conditioning program developed as a start point for individuals of varied fitness levels that share a common end goal of being selected for Military Special Forces or a Police Tactical Group.

This program will ensure that by the end of the 12-weeks you are at a level of fitness to begin a specialised pre-selection training schedule that will target events and scenarios specific to the selection course.

This program is a killer! (In a good way :P)

8-Week Mission Ready Program ($147 value)

program #2: 

The MRF program has been developed as a follow on program for individuals that have completed the ICP phase 1 program.

MRF is an 8-week program that ensures by the end of the 8 weeks the participant is ready to not only pass a military or police barrier/screen testing but to comprehensively exceed the required standard of all physical testing.

The training modality throughout each week of the program is broken up into varied disciplines and includes: a long march, endurance swim, 2 x muscle endurance/strength circuits, speed march, combat equipment run and combat clothing swim.

This program will get you ready for SFET.

Building Resilience Complete Module ($47 value)

program #3: 

Forging mental toughness is hard and it's difficult to even know where to start. With a stream of dubious information out there all spewing the same theme of "take action" and "keep moving forward" or "grind it out", it can be overwhelming to say the least.

With that in mind, what I've attempted to do in this guide is layout some essential components I feel you need to pay attention to in order to effectively and efficiently begin building your mental resilience.

In this guide you'll find simple, but highly effective tactics you can incorporate immediately to help you improve your resilience.

6-Week Operator Program Phase 1 ($47 value)

program #4

This 6-week program is designed around the exact training I completed while in the 2nd Commando Regiment Sniper Platoon. As a sniper within a Special Forces unit, strength, conditioning and endurance were necessary elements of fitness to ensure you could complete all tasks and missions required by a sniper.

This program concentrates on building a base layer of muscle, increasing your VO2 max capacity through high intensity workouts, interspersed with moderate intensity workouts to aid in recovery, and introduce you to Military endurance training.

Another awesome training program that you'll love!

6-Week Operator Program Phase 2 ($47 value)

program #5

The second phase of the Operator Training Package concentrates on strength training, increasing your VO2 max capacity further through high intensity workouts, interspersed with moderate intensity workouts to aid in recovery and building on your military endurance training from phase one.

This program combines barbell and bodyweight strength training with sprint and middle distance running training. Rowing machines and stationery bikes are also incorporated into this phase as well as swimming sessions.

Basic Nutrition Guide ($27 value)

program #6

My 21-page original nutrition guide with detailed explanations as to why I eat the way I do and why you should also to get the best health possible. Includes a 7-day meal plan.

Original Recipe Book ($27 value)

program #7

My 21-page original recipe booklet with 37 awesome and simple recipes to supplement the nutrition guide.

Mission Planning Blueprint ($47 value)

program #8

This blueprint is awesome! It's my comprehensive mission planning template that shows you exactly how to plan your selection mission - in minute detail. 

It includes:

1. The Individual Military Appreciation Process (IMAP) explainer download (12 pages)

2. The IMAP worksheet blank template download (11 pages)

3. The SMEAC mission planning process explainer download (9 pages)

4. The SMEAC mission planning process example download (10 pages)

5. The SMEAC mission planning process worksheet blank template (9 pages)

That's an incredible amount of detailed mission planning information!

Download the material. Absorb the information. Plan out your selection mission. 

Success is inevitable!

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Thanks and enjoy the programs!

Listen - you really ARE getting all
of this for just TEN DOLLARS!

HOWEVER... this will EXPIRE when the timer on this page hits ZERO.

So claim this offer now!

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