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The Ultimate 12-Week Conditioning Program

Access my exclusive "Inception Conditioning Program" usually only available to those in my tier 1 Indefatigable selection preparation program - PLUS go into the draw to win a Garmin GPS sports watch!

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Enter your details and the 12-Week Inception Conditioning Program will be sent straight to your email immediately.

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Immerse yourself in the program and begin to see immediate results. This is a tough program, commit to it.

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Enter your details to download the training program and automatically go into the draw to win a Garmin GPS watch!

step 4

Prepare fully for selection (mentally, physically & emotionally) and serving within SO will become a reality.

About rhys dowden

special operations selection Expert

Rhys has been preparing candidates for Special Operations for over 5 years.  His focus is not only selection, but also ensuring candidates are ready to pass the reinforcement cycle and transition smoothly into Special Operations.

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