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Dear Special Operations Candidate or Civilian Operator Warrior,

Thanks for signing up to my Complete SOF Training Program - I trust you're loving all the programs!

What you'll love even more is my Indefatigable program, whether you're going for selection or just want to become the best civilian Operator possible.

And since you've shown commitment to me and you're obviously committed to improving yourself, I want to offer you a special deal for my flagship program.

Here's the deal...

I usually sell my Indefatigable course for $1300-1500 (I've sold it for $2500 previously!) - But if I added everything up in the course the total value is $5,823.

However, when you enroll NOW (before this page expires), you can have it all for $397 (or 3 payments of $150).

I'm offering this discount because I feel like it and I'm trialling this sales process (don't know how it's going to go!)

So you're saving a lot of money (70% Off the usual price) when you enroll today.

You will learn from this course (and get better results) than you would taking something that's ten times more expensive.

Selection is hard (life is hard) - I want you to be ready.

Complete Indefatigable Course - SF & Civilian Versions ($3000 value)


The full Indefatigable course includes all 6 Course Modules.

1. Setting The Foundations (11 videos, 18 worksheets)

2. Mission Planning (8 videos, 15 worksheets)

3. Self-Mastery (11 videos, 11 worksheets)

4. Performance & Stress Management (11 videos, 8 worksheets)

5. Selection (9 videos, 9 worksheets)

6. Reo & Beyond (7 videos, 6 worksheets)

7. The civilian version is 95% the same as the SF version.

Indefatigable Closed Skool Group ($497 value)


This group is awesome! Everyone in it is going for selection. I also have a number of former Special Operations dudes inside. This group is motivating and inspiring and everyone within is happy and willing to help each other out. 

There is no other group like it (if you want Special Operations!) Learn from everyone, help others out, stay motivated and increase your selection chances by being part of a group of highly motivated and like-minded individuals. 

All 20 Selection After Action Reports ($297 value)


Want to know what past selection courses were like? Want to learn from those who have PASSED selection from previous years? Then you're going to love this bonus!

This bonus is packed full of twenty (20) After Action Reports from those who have passed Special Operations selection (Commando, SASR & Police Tactical Groups) from 2015 all the way up to 2021.

Learns learned, tips & tricks, inside information and day-by-by breakdowns of selection so you can gain the knowledge you need to prepare - from those who have actually passed. This section grows significantly every single year.

Complete Land Navigation Module ($97 value)


One of the components you'll be assessed on during selection is navigation. If you go into selection WITHOUT your navigation skills being on point, you'll risk being booted from the course.


Because during the navigation phase (which can be 4-5 days in duration) the total number of checkpoints you achieve will be measured against every other candidate. Fail to achieve the average and selection is over.

However, this isn't just about going as hard as you can over the activity period. Go too hard and you'll burn yourself out. You need to be smart and efficient. You'll need to thoroughly understand navigation so you can go from point A to point B as efficiently as possible... and this may NOT be in a direct line.

Navigation is critical to your selection success and you'll need to know it well. 

This bonus will achieve that.

Complete Knots & Hitches Module ($97 value)


Another component you will be assessed on during selection is your knot tying ability. But, this is not as simple as it sounds, they make it tricky - after all, it is selection!

Here (on Commando selection), you'll be required to jump off a 10-meter platform, at night, dive to the bottom of the pool and tie a series of knots, before resurfacing and reciting a previously told "code". 

Safe to say, it behoves you to be all over your knots!

This bonus will achieve that.

Entire Direct Recruiting Scheme Section ($197 value)


Want to go down the direct recruiting scheme pathway or DRS? You're not the only one - it's extremely competitive!

In this bonus I'm going to show you exactly how to prepare for the DRS recruiting process. What the process is, how you will be assessed and what you need to know to turn up to your assessment day ready to present the best version of you - and in turn, be assessed as "suitable and recommended" for the DRS pathway.

You'll need to be ready. 100's of potential applicants apply every year - be a standout. 

Selection Equipment Section ($97 value)


This bonus module is all about the equipment you'll need in order to prepare for selection. Specifically, pack, boots and webbing. 

Knowing the right equipment to utilise and how to set up that equipment is paramount for two reasons: 1) To prevent injury and 2) To make you as efficient as possible, particularly relevant for the 3.2km run. Ensuring your webbing is configured correctly could save you 30-40 seconds and be the difference between you passing or failing selection.

Q&A All Access Pass ($497)


Here you'll gain access to all 30 of my previously recorded Q&A sessions. Below each video you'll find all of the questions that were asked during that session.

A monumental amount of selection specific information to help with your preparation. 

20 SF Articles ($97)


With this bonus you'll gain access to all 20 of my Special Operations specific articles. These are articles written by myself and other Operators about our life and experiences within these elite unit. Invaluable information that will give you inside knowledge into selection and the Special Operations world.

27 Required Reading Articles ($197)


These are selection specific articles that are "required reading" from the Military before attempting selection. Detailed breakdowns of different SF Operations conducted around the world. Raids, hostage crisis, hijackings and Special Operations theories and principles.

You get all 27 of them. Get reading!

Psychometric Tests ($47)


Special Operations require intelligent Operators, hence, you'll need to pass the aptitude test to the standard required to unlock the SF role. Fail to do so and you will not be able to attempt selection.

In this bonus I provide the resources you need to ensure you're ready to crush the aptitude test, first go. 

Your Special Operations dream depends on it.

Standard Mindset Course & Mindset Accelerator Program ($800 value)


And finally! As part of my "No Brainer" offer I'll be throwing in my original mindset course AND my Mindset Accelerator Program.

That's a crazy deal!


$397  $5823

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$397  $5823

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the course?

You will get access immediately to my membership site via login details, which will be sent directly to your email inbox after purchase - you have lifetime access to this program.

Are there any additional costs?

No. Once you purchase, that's it. You not only get lifetime access to the content, but any and all future updates/add-ons you get for free!

What will I need?

A computer/phone, internet access, self-motivation, personal accountability, a determination and drive that few posses, the ability to handle a bruised ego and the humility to learn from others - do that and your Special Operations dream may just become a reality.

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