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Here's Everything You're Getting In My NEW Indefatigable LITE Course

Dear Special Operations Candidate,

Check this out ==> It's my NEW Indefatigable LITE course. A trimmed down version of my Indefatigable Selection Prep Course... but a course in it's own right. All the essential components to help you prepare for selection!

PLUS, to coincide with World Diabetes Day, I will be giving a portion of each sale to Diabetes Australia (a cause close to my heart as one of my children has Type 1 Diabetes).

So, if you're attempting Special Operations selection for either Military or Police, and you want to help a great organisation, you'll want in on this!

Here's the deal...

I've been wanting to put together a LITE version of my Indefatigable course for quite some time, and I thought there was no better time than right now.

As a point of reference - I usually sell my FULL Indefatigable course by itself for $1300 upfront or $1500 if you pay it off, but with the LITE version, which includes an incredible amount of invaluable selection prep info (see below), you're not going to be paying anywhere near that.

When you enroll NOW (before this page expires), you can have my entire Indefatigable LITE course for only $97!

I'm offering this discount to coincide with World Diabetes Day (Nov 14), to help get as many candidates prepared for Special Operations selection, and to give back to a great cause that has helped my family so much.

So you're saving an incredible amount of money (97%) when you enroll today.

You will learn from this course (and get better results) than you would taking something that's twenty times more expensive.

Selection is tough, but not impossible - this course will get you ready.

Indefatigable LITE Course ($1000 value)


The Indefatigable LITE Course includes:

Module 1: Setting The Foundations (11 videos, 18 worksheets)

Module 2: Mission Planning (4 videos, 7 worksheets)

Module 3: Self-Mastery (5 videos, 4 worksheets)

Module 4: Performance & Stress Management (5 videos, 4 worksheets)

Module 5: Selection (5 videos, 5 worksheets)

Selection Prep Physical Training Programs ($350 value)


These programs include:

1. Inception Conditioning Program (12 weeks) - a general conditioning program designed to get you ready to move onto a selection specific prep course.

2. Mission Ready Program (8 weeks) - SFET specific training program.

3. Combat Ready Program (8 weeks) - Selection specific training program.

2022 Selection After Action Report ($97 value)


Want to know what the 2022 selection course was like? Want to learn from those who actually PASSED? Then you're going to love this bonus!

This bonus is my complete 2022 After Action Report from those who passed Commando selection in 2022 (they didn't run a Commando selection in 2023).

Lessons learned, tips & tricks, inside information and day-by-by breakdowns of selection so you can gain the knowledge you need to prepare - from those who have actually passed.

Knots & Hitches Article ($97 value)


Another component you will be assessed on during selection is your knot tying ability. But, this is not as simple as it sounds, they make it tricky - after all, it is selection!

Here (on Commando selection), you'll be required to jump off a 10-meter platform, at night, dive to the bottom of the pool and tie a series of knots, before resurfacing and reciting a previously told "code". 

Safe to say, it behoves you to be all over your knots!

This bonus will achieve that.

Selection Equipment Section ($97 value)


This bonus module is all about the equipment you'll need in order to prepare for selection. Specifically, pack, boots and webbing. 

Knowing the right equipment to utilise and how to set up that equipment is paramount for two reasons: 1) To prevent injury and 2) To make you as efficient as possible, particularly relevant for the 3.2km run. Ensuring your webbing is configured correctly could save you 30-40 seconds and be the difference between you passing or failing selection.

Q&A Access Pass ($97)


Here you'll gain access to 3 of my latest Q&A sessions. Below each video you'll find all of the questions that were asked during that session.

A huge amount of selection specific information to help with your preparation. 

Standard Mindset Course & Mindset Accelerator Program ($800 value)


As part of my "Indefatigable LITE" deal I'm throwing in my original mindset course AND my Mindset Accelerator Program.

That's a crazy deal!

Prize Giveaway!


I also have a pretty sweet prize pool to giveaway as part of my new course release. 

Purchase the Indefatigable LITE course and go into the draw to win:

1 x Garmin GPS Sports watch, or

1 of 5 Operator Edge caps



$97  $997

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They can't all be wrong! 🙂

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$97  $997

Frequently asked questions

When will I get access to the course?

You will get access immediately to my membership site via the Skool platform. You will be sent details directly to your email inbox after purchase - you have lifetime access to this program.

Are there any additional costs?

No. Once you purchase, that's it. You get lifetime access to the content.

What will I need?

A computer/phone, internet access, self-motivation, personal accountability, a determination and drive that few posses, the ability to handle a bruised ego and the humility to learn from others - do that and your Special Operations dream may just become a reality.

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