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   Q&A Session: 15 Apr '23

Session Overview

Questions Asked:

01. After I have completed the SOF Run Ready program, how do you suggest I start implementing strength training/ weightlifting into my routine? I'll want to maintain, if not continue improving my running ability, but want to do some strength training before enlisting. How do you suggest I do this? 

02. I am currently in week 6 of your 22-Week SOF Run Ready program to improve my running which still requires a bit of work . I’m also doing 2 swims a week (1 clothed swim, 1 recovery swim). Should I continue with my current training program until I hear back from DFR about my medical waivers, or should I start altering my training to prepare for enlistment in anticipation that my application is fast tracked and I could be enlisted in the next couple of months. 

03. I’m aware that team sports like footy or rugby look good on the SFDRS application. Having 0 experience with either of those, would basketball or other team sports that I have had experience with be looked on favourably too or is it more so those two specific sports?

04. Something I’ve noticed more and more through completion of the ICP with swimming in particular, is I need to get lessons.

05. How qualified (as a PTE Reservist) do we need to be in order to be allowed to go to selection? Should all Cams/IETs be completed already?

06. In 2CDO, are there units within the regiment that specialise in certain environments like jungle, mountain or ocean or is everyone trained up the same?

07. Any differences between TAG East and West from a training point of view?

08. What are your thoughts on preparation for an exercise in MALAYSIA?

09. I'm keen to train Navigation and I'm wondering if there are any good resources you know of that explain how to train that?