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   Q&A Session: 25 Feb '23

Session Overview

Questions Asked:

01. I’ve found that when I run in the morning I always get a stitch early on and it never leaves for the entire run. Do you have any advice to prevent this? Here's Dr. Andrew Huberman answering this:

02. Do I need to be nominated by my SGT to attempt selection? Can you expand on the process for a Reservist wanting to attempt selection please?

03. Could you go through the trainability standards you posted?

04. How do you go about joining SOER?

05. Are you allowed goggles for water sessions on selection? Should I train swimming and other pool activities without goggles?

Answer: Yes, you can utilise goggles on selection and it’s recommended to bring your own.

06. I heard from someone in SOER that there will be a ten day selection course.

07. Given the selection course changes, when is DRS intake for this year?

08. As a shorter (5’6) non-combat corps O, what are things I should spend more time working on for SASR selection in order to challenge any pre-conceived notions on overall suitability? Am about two years out.

09. I’m watching that CDO selection doco again for the umpteenth time. In the SFET they did other stuff like static jump reach and forward reach etc. Do they still do these? Do they consider these etc? Is it really 7 hours long?

10. How far ahead of time should I apply for DRS?

Note: I also discuss the older candidate going for selection