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   Q&A Session: June '23

Session Overview

Questions Asked:

01. Some info on the 1CDO FT time role - Special Warfare capability.

02. Pre-selection course clarification…

03. On both selection courses, will you be required to conduct nav legs without a compass or a map?

04. In the required reading in the Indefatigable course, there are references to some Army literature which is hosted on the ADF intranet. Is there somewhere I can get a hold of those books etc?

05. Have you heard more about the upcoming course/s next year?

06. On the DRN it says the selection course is combined and both SASR and CDO courses will be in May, but you’ve said it would be same time just separate. Is that right?

07. Do you think knowing BJJ helped you with CQB?

08. As DRS, what happens if you’re injured on SFPSC or selection? Sent to a regular unit or held back for a year?

09. Are there any key ways other than training pistol shooting to train ACQB to get a foundation?

10. Any advice for us ARES members who’ve completed Kapooka and trying to get on an IET course but being held back due to some shortfalls on quals? Who can or should we contact apart from our CoC.

10. Do you work with NZ SF a lot considering how close we are?

11. You touched on it in the recent podcast, but can you explain how DRS candidates have to do multiple PFA’s leading up to Kapooka?

12. Do many former SF transition to VIC Police SOG or stay local state PTG’s?

13. Why do 2CDO guys use dirt bikes?

14. Can you take your own boots to Kapooka?

15. Do you get much of a say where you get posted?

16. When do you get phone access at Kapooka?

Further points:

Apparently the ADF is looking to approve even more boots for service.

Don’t keep putting selection off…