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Indefatigable Selection Preparation Course


You get instant access to the Welcome & Overview Videos & Module 1 of my Indefatigable course. 15 videos & 20 downloads.

1. Setting the foundations

2. Warrior mindset & defining mental toughness

3. Five components to building resilience

4. Seven principles to Operator Edge

5. Eight key elements to success

6. Belief paradigm

7. Limiting beliefs

8. Special Operations myths & realities

9. Building your personal foundation plan

10. Natural law

11. Future pacing & writing your own narrative

12-Week Inception Conditioning Program


This training program is awesome! It's my 12-week conditioning program developed as a start point for individuals of varied fitness levels that share a common end goal of being selected for Military Special Forces or a Police Tactical Group.

This program will ensure that by the end of the 12-weeks you are at a level of fitness to begin a specialised pre-selection training schedule that will target events and scenarios specific to the selection course.

This program is a killer! (In a good way :P)

After Action Reports


Want to know what past selection courses were like? Want to learn from those who have PASSED selection from previous years? Then you're going to love this!

Here you'll get access to my 2021 After Action Reports from those who have passed Special Operations selection last year.

Learns learned, tips & tricks, inside information and day-by-by breakdowns of selection so you can gain the knowledge you need to prepare - from those who have actually passed. This section grows significantly every single year.

Q&A Sessions


Here you'll gain access to 3 of my previously recorded Q&A sessions. Below each video you'll find all of the questions that were asked during that session.

I conduct these sessions live every month for those in my Indefatigable program where we discuss all things related to Special Operations selection and beyond.

Madness, Mindset & Mastery eBook


This ebook consists of:

  • 73-pages of real life stories from within Special Forces. Humorous tales, personal anecdotes, harsh truths and inspirational quotes (well, maybe not inspirational per se, but certainly honest!)
  • Learn from all my struggles, setbacks and wins. Apply my lessons learned within tough and unforgiving environments to your own life and build a solid base of resilience, forge unwavering toughness and a dogged determination to succeed.
  • Includes 29 personal pictures of gritty, raw and smirk inducing photos from war, life and competition.
  • Gain exclusive access into the murky world of Special Forces: training, mission planning and overseas operations.

Yep - you really ARE getting all
of this for just ONE DOLLAR!

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