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Module 1 (Foundations) -  Setting The Foundations, Warrior Mindset, Defining Mental Toughness, Five Components, Seven Principles, Eight Key Elements, Belief Paradigm, Limiting Beliefs, SF Myths & Realities, Personal Foundation Plan, Natural Law & Future Pacing - 11 Videos + Audio Downloads & 18 Worksheets (over 4.5 hours of video content).
Module 2 (Mission Planning) - Knowledge Is Power, Individual Military Appreciation Process, Centre of Gravity Construct, SMEAC Planning Process, Writing Your Orders, K.I.S.S. & Peak State, Reticular Activating System & Choices - 8 Videos + Audio Downloads & 15 Worksheets (over 3 hours of video content).
Module 3 (Self Mastery) - Self-mastery, Small Wins, Habits, Willpower, Self Talk, Emotional Intelligence, Decisive Action, Cognitive Ability & Problem Solving, Memory Palace, Motivation & Situational Awareness - 11 Videos + Audio Downloads & 11 Worksheets (over 6.5 hours of video content). 
Module 4 (Performance & Stress Management) - Neurotransmitters, Hormones & Success, Stress, Four Pillars, Stress Inoculation, Fear, Limitations, Performance, Game Time, Productivity, Multitasking Myth & Calm Mind - 11 Videos & Audio Downloads + 8 Worksheets (over 6.5 hours of video content).  
Module 5 (Selection) - SF Attributes, SF Traits, Stages of Selection, The Like Factor, The Right Reasons, F.A.T.S.S.M.S. Principles, Running Your Own Race, Selection Instructor Tactics, Failure - 9 Videos + Audio Downloads & 9 Worksheets (over 4.5 hours of video content).
Module 6 (Reo & Beyond) - Reinforcement Cycle, Playing The Game, Slow Is Smooth, Within The Unit, Mods 1-3 Recap, Mods 3-6 Recap, What's Next - 7 Videos & Audio Downloads + 6 Worksheets (over 3.5 hours of video content). 
Module 7 (Bonus Articles) - 20 Special Operations specific articles to give you even more insight and motivation into the SOF world. Written by myself and other former Operators.
Training Programs - 18 different training programs, nutrition guides & recipe books.
Q&A's - Access to all 30 previous Q&A sessions. New live sessions held every month. 
Exercise Videos - Full access to the 70 video exercise library. 
Required Reading - 27 articles to prep for selection, including selection study notes.
Knots & Hitches Article - All the knots you need to know how to tie for selection & why.
Selection Gear - Complete section on the best equipment for selection & how to set it all up. Pack, webbing, boots, etc.
After Action Reports - Full access to all the AAR's from the previous years: 2015-2021. 20 downloadable reports & 3 videos.
DRS Recruiting Module - Exactly how to prepare for the DRS recruiting process. DRS is extremely competitive, you need to be ready. Also includes successful paperboard examples & successful medical appeal letters.
Navigation Guide - Complete guide to help hone your navigation skills ready for selection.
Aptitude Tests - 7 Military psychometric test + further resources to help you prepare for the aptitude test.
Closed FB Group - Get access to my Indefatigable closed FB group. Over 530 candidates helping each other prepare for selection. An awesome group! 

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Get the entire Indefatigable course (forever) and save 46%. This offer is available for the next 48 hours only - it's the best deal you'll ever get for this course.

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Get The Full Indefatigable Course

Get the entire Indefatigable course (forever) and save 46%. This offer is available for the next 48 hours only - it's the best deal you'll ever get for this course.

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