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I just wanted to quickly say congratulations and welcome to my Mindset Accelerator program.

This program is a journey and a continual one. Developing your mindset takes time with constant and consistent effort on your part to strive to continually improve yourself… and I’m here to help!


The Point of Mental Toughness

Why do we want to become more mentally tough? What’s the point? This is the question I asked myself years ago, and it’s always the first question I ask my clients.

Why do you want to be mentally tough?

When I ask this question, I get responses such as, “to overcome setbacks”, “to push through pain”, “to keep going no matter what.”


Mindset Is A Choice

I remember talking to a Navy Diver at a party one night, where I casually informed him I was discharging from the Army.

This Navy Diver, with a somewhat horrid look on his face, asked, “What are you going to do? Aren’t you nervous about finding work?”

His attitude surprised me a little, and it also made me a touch angry… why should I be worried? What possible reasons would I have to be nervous about leaving the Military?


Chasing The Rabbit

I was watching an episode of WestWorld the other night, and there was a brilliant analogy…

Anthony Hopkins’ character was describing the saddest thing he ever saw. As a young kid, his father bought him and his brother an old greyhound as a pet. The two brothers took their new dog down to the park, one day, and let this old racing dog off the leash for a run.


Training & Performance

The Importance Of Physical Training

I believe physical training is paramount for your mental and physical development. Physically, it has several benefits…

  • Improves your heart function and lowers your risk of disease, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes, and cancer
  • Lowers blood pressure
  • Raises good cholesterol levels


Operator Workout Of The Month

Rowing is a killer of a workout! It’s a compound movement that incorporates most of the muscles within the body and done correctly, makes you want to throw up….consistently. I row 2-3 times a week and always feel great afterwards. Below is a workout I like to do almost every week.


Health & Nutrition


I’m a big fan of juicing! Not just any juicing though, specific juicing. I won’t simply juice a bunch of fruits just because it seems healthy and everybody’s doing it. I have a reason.

When I was a teenager, I was constantly sick (I’ll talk more about this further into the course), and one day, my mother took me to see a lady into alternative medicines. She wasn’t a Naturopath per se, but she was skilled in what she did.



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