How To Take Your Mental And Physical Training To The Next Level And Develop An Elite Mindset in Only 12 Weeks

These are the EXACT mindset principles I learned with serving in Special Operations.


You want to develop your mental and physical toughness, but need the tools to move forward.

With so much information on training, mindset and performance out there it’s hard to know what’s correct and even harder to know what’s relevant. Thinking, training and acting like an elite soldier and trying to develop the mental and physical attributes is no easy task, especially with all the conflicting advice.

If you can relate to this problem, you’re not alone.

FACT: My Selection process began with 170 applicants attempt the Special Forces Entry Test (SFET) day. From that initial 170 applicants, 90 made it onto the Commando Selection and Training Course (CSTC). Over the course of 5 weeks, that number was reduced to 26 candidates who finally finished the Selection course. 23 candidates were chosen to continue onto the reinforcement cycle. 15 of us finally made it into the unit.

That’s an attrition rate of over 90%.

The training methods, mindset techniques and thought processes I learned over the course of my years within the Military, Special Operations and Private Security contracting were a steep learning curve, but a highly valuable one.

Lessons hard to come by unless you’ve experienced it first hand.

(But don’t worry…it’s not as bad as it seems.)

So how can you start learning these lessons?

Is there a program or system that will have you learning the valuable training and mindset skills of an elite soldier?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…

The Operator Edge Mindset Package

This is a simple, proven and effective package that once learned will be with you for the rest of your life.

I use this exact program, mindset principles and performance strategies to train my clients on a daily basis and see tremendous results almost immediately.

In fact, if you start now you’ll see an increase in your focus, confidence, motivation, clarity and start to develop your mindset skills from day 1.

Imagine what it would be like to begin thinking, training and acting like an elite soldier, learning and developing the physical and mental skills to apply immediately to your everyday life. Skills designed to have you performing at your optimal capacity.

All in a matter of weeks.

Here's an insight into what's covered in the complete package...


  • Complete 6 Module Operator Edge Mindset Course
  • Why Elite Soldiers ALWAYS train to win and never to fail
  • Redefining mental toughness and the "micro steps" law
  • How to plan and bust through any roadblocks ahead of time
  • Your daily "win" ritual and how to build momentum before lunchtime
  • The true meaning of Emotional Intelligence (yes, it's ok to get pissed off sometimes)
  • The ridiculously simple KISS method & why it has worked for millennia
  • The science behind breaking bad habits and instilling new, positive ones
  • The essential rule to follow when attempting any goal
  • How body language can produce a physiological response
  • The #1 key element of Special Forces training and how it could save your life
  • Why precision targeting is essential when setting any goal
  • 18 Week, 3 Phase Operator Edge physical training package
  • Operator Edge Nutrition Guide

...and soooo much more.

I just wish I’d had access to a package like this when training for Special Forces Selection.


Whether it’s a career in the Military you’re after or simply want to improve your life, this package is a must have.

Learn from my mistakes and apply the principles I've developed over years of working in extreme and testing environments. Principles and methods I still use and implement everyday. 

I do this stuff for an actual job!

That’s why I’ve been so careful over the years to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, yet comprehensive and easy-to-follow package that I can now pass on to those looking to learn and develop their physical and mental resilience.

So now you can benefit from all my mistakes, learn quickly and build massive amounts of momentum toward your goals.

...and you don't have to go it alone.

Normally I sell the Operator Edge Complete Package for $147, but since you are now a customer and are obviously interested in developing your mental fortitude, I’ll let you have instant access to this course for just $77.



And to sweeten the deal, I'll also send you my 6 Week Phase 2 Strength & Conditioning Program AND Nutrition Guide valued at $37 each for FREE!

That's $74 worth of added value!

So for well under $100 and less then a night out on the town, you can:

  • Develop your mental toughness with the 6 Module, 12 Week Operator Edge Mindset Course
  • Develop your physical toughness with my 6 Week Phase 2 Strength and Conditioning Program and Nutrition Guide
  • Redefine mental toughness, learn to fight through roadblocks and set essential priorities
  • Develop your emotional intelligence
  • Learn how to change bad habits and form concrete new positive ones
  • Master self talk and motivation
  • Employ positive body language to manipulate your mood
  • Learn combat breathing methods, instil Military discipline and responsibility
  • Better manage problems and develop toughness over fitness
  • Start to understand situational awareness and how it could save you or someone you love
  • Be inoculated to stress and get the "no quitting" mentality


Try is Risk Free: 100% refund if you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason. No questions asked.

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P.S. The Operator Edge Mindset Package has been developed over years of Military and Special Forces service as well as Private Security Contracting in hostile environments. It is a proven pack designed to get you thinking, training and acting like an elite soldier.

But don’t delay, the $77 price is for a very limited time only. It’s no risk with my 100% money back guarantee.


Frequently Asked Questions


  • q-iconHow is the course content delivered?

    The 6 Week, Phase 2 training package and nutrition guide is delivered via downloadable PDF.

    The mindset course is delivered via a membership site. After purchase you will be able to download the training package and you’ll be sent your login details to the mindset course, which you can access immediately.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yep…all our trainings have a 30-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

    In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

  • q-iconHow long will it take to access the content?

    You’ll get immediate access with the details sent to you via email.

  • q-iconAre you former Military?

    Yes. I spent over 10 years in the regular Australian Army with half that time in the 2nd Commando Regiment. I also completed 2 years in the Army Reserve and over 2 years in the private security sector working in Iraq.


What others are saying...


My main aim in starting this course was to push myself - which it is doing. Im 39 got 2 artificial hips and a replaced knee and walk like the tower of piza. And due to childhood arthritis my shoulder is due to be replaced soon as well.


Since training this program, I am now able to play footy twice a week with my sons and I can now play hockey with my daughter. I'm also now back out swimming 1500m a fortnight in the pool. But the mental strategies are helping me create a better bond with my children and I am adapting them to help them at school with bullying etc.


I've been listening and reading a lot of your mental toughness and visualisation strategies. It really makes a big difference especially when it comes to completing goals and also to help me get through training. I now understand what you were talking about in how you used visualisation to get through Selection. Awesome stuff mate.


Rhys these mental toughness techniques are bloody good! I keep them in mind when i'm going for my runs and thinking about stopping because I'm tired, but I just keep thinking "mental toughness" and it keeps me going for about double the time I used to be able to run. Especially when i'm thinking about giving up or feeling tired because I was just at the gym yesterday, I think back to what you've been saying and it honestly gives me the boost of enthusiasm I need to get back into it and get quitting out of my head. Keep up the terrific work.



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  • 6 Module, 12 Week Operator Edge Mindset Course
  • Module 1 - Warrior mindset, 8 steps to success, goal setting, 5 principles of Operator Edge, Bulletproofing your mission, After Action Reporting.
  • Module 2 - Defining mental toughness, fighting through roadblocks, prioritising, time management, emotional intelligence, KISS method, changing habits, decisive action
  • Module 3 - Self mastery, self talk, self motivation, body lanaguage
  • Module 4 - Combat breathing, self assessment, conscience competence, positive mental state, life balance
  • Module 5 - Discipline, responsibility, problem management, will power, toughness over fitness
  • Module 6 - Situational awareness, slow is smooth - smooth is fast, stress inoculation, quitting is not an option, developing your mental toughness further.
  • Phase 2 - 6 Week Strength endurance focused program
  • 22 Page Nutrition Guide


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