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Learn how to develop your mental and physical resilience and get the Operator Edge

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Module 1

Warrior Mindset, Operator Edge Principles, Key Elements to Success, Mission Planning, Bulletproofing your plan and your After Action Report.

This package consists of the 6 Module mindset series only. If you are not currently participating in regular physical exercise, it is highly recommended you start today. Physical training is an important key element to developing your mental toughness and applying the principles learned throughout the mindset modules.

Full Course Contents

Here's a break-down of the full contents of the Operator Edge Complete Mindset Package.


  • The Warrior Mindset and Training to Win
  • Fighting Through Roadblocks and Prioritising
  • Self Mastery, Self Talk, Motivation and Body Language
  • Combat Breathing, Knowing Oneself, Limiting Beliefs
  • Discipline, Responsibility, Problem Management
  • Situational Awareness, Impatiently Patient, Stress Inoculation
  • 8 Steps to Ensure Your Success
  • The KISS method and Changing Habits
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Will Power and Toughness
  • Support the entire way


This course is delivered through a membership site with each Module delivered every 2 weeks. Total course content is 6 Modules over 12 weeks.

Module #1 Contents

In this module you'll learn to understand what the Warrior Mindset is and how to start developing it. How to set goals or create your mission and how to bulletproof it by creating your own 'Actions on' for each stage of your plan.

Module #2 Contents

In this module you'll learn how to fight through potential roadblocks, take decisive action, prioritise your time into daily and weekly rituals or habits and form your personal foundation plan.

Module #3 Contents

Module 3 is all about Self Mastery. How to motivate yourself, how positive or negative body language literally affects your mindset and how self talk can be the difference between believing you can achieve or talking yourself into failure.

Module #4 Contents

In Module 4 you will learn about combat breathing and how it could save your life. You'll also start to really delve into situational awareness, stress inoculation, training to win and the reticular activating system. The big 4 of mental toughness is also covered in this block.

Module #5 Contents

In this module you'll learn about discipline and how you must actively employ it every day. We'll also cover personal responsibility and how your success or failure is all really up to you. Will power, conscience competence, how to manage problems to ensure they don't derail your efforts and the 'toughness not fitness' attribute of Special Forces Operators are also covered in this block.

Module #6 Contents

The last module is packed with information including impatiently patient, life balance, prioritising and performance, how to make your world a one option only...success and how to further develop your mental toughness.

What others are saying...

My main aim in starting this course was to push myself - which it is doing. Im 39, got 2 artificial hips and a replaced knee and walk like the tower of piza. And due to childhood arthritis my shoulder is due to be replaced soon as well.

Since following this course, I am now able to play footy twice a week with my sons and I can now play hockey with my daughter. I'm also now back out swimming 1500m a fortnight in the pool. But the mental strategies are helping me create a better bond with my children and I am adapting them to help them at school with bullying etc.


I've been listening and reading a lot of your mental toughness and visualisation strategies. It really makes a big difference especially when it comes to completing goals and also to help me get through training. I now understand what you were talking about in how you used visualisation to get through Selection. Awesome stuff mate.


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Start developing your mental and physical resilience by learning all the mindset and training principles I have developed over years within the Military, Special Forces and as a Private Security Contractor overseas in hostile environments. Lessons to be applied to your every day life to zero in on exactly what you want to achieve and how to go about getting it.