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The Operator Edge Starter Pack consists of Module 1 from the Operator Edge Mindset Course and the 6 Week, Phase 1 Physical Training Program. This pack will have you begin to develop your physical and mental resilience and start you on the Operator Edge journey to self-mastery.


Mindset Course Module 1

Warrior Mindset, Operator Edge Principles, Key Elements to Success, Mission Planning, Bulletproofing your plan and your After Action Report.

This package consists of the 6 Module mindset series only. If you are not currently participating in regular physical exercise, it is highly recommended you start today. Physical training is an important key element to developing your mental toughness and applying the principles learned throughout the mindset modules.


Muscle Building And Work Capacity Focused Program

The Operator Edge package is designed around the exact training I completed while in the 2nd Commando Regiment Sniper Platoon. As a Sniper within a Special Forces unit, strength, conditioning and endurance were necessary elements of fitness to ensure you could complete all tasks and missions required by a Sniper.

The first phase of this package concentrates on building a base layer of muscle, increasing your VO2 max capacity through high intensity workouts, interspersed with moderate intensity workouts to aid in recovery and introduce you to Military endurance training.

The focus of the plan is to lay a foundation of muscle within the first 6 weeks so as to transition into a strength component in phase 2 and to combine weight training with work capacity training in order to improve your VO2 max and muscle endurance.

What others are saying...

Just wanted to say the Module 1 of the Mindset series, it's really good stuff, I wish I had something like that when I went through selection. Definitely going to use it in the future. You've done an amazing job in translating Special Forces and warrior doctrine into civilian language.

Former Italian Special Forces

It's only been phase 1, but I already have made such a great change in my life/lifestyle/training. Improving my mental state of mind has lead me to be more beneficial at home. From little things like continually making my bed to perfection, everything being clean and tidy and things getting done as soon as I see they need to be done.

In training, all my workouts have been 100% beneficial. I started a new training cycle as I'm now a hybrid lifter and I train circuit/cardio/strength and hypertrophy. Every week I hit a new PB, for example today I hit a 230kg deadlift, and 3 days ago I hit a 9.5 on the beep test.

Thanks for all your mental toughness strategies, it's going really well. Can't wait to get into the other modules.

Daniel Polson

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Start developing your mental and physical resilience by learning all the mindset and training principles I have developed over years within the Military, Special Forces and as a Private Security Contractor overseas in hostile environments. Lessons to be applied to your every day life to zero in on exactly what you want to achieve and how to go about getting it.