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My name is Rhys Dowden and here at Operator Edge my mission is to pass on as much training, mindset and performance information as I can to those who want to develop their mental and physical toughness. I have developed all this information over my years of service within the Special Forces and the wider Military and feel privileged to be able to share this with those who want to benefit from it.

The 12-Step Guide To Developing Mental Toughness guide you now have, will certainly give you a great starting point from which to build your platform.

The next step is to check out my Operator Edge Starter Pack and really begin to develop your mental and physical resilience.


These are the EXACT mindset principles I learned while serving in Special Operations.

Get the Operator Edge by training for any contingency that may arise. Mental toughness, resilience, persistence, situational awareness, trainability, endurance, strength and work capacity are all elements required to develop an elite mindset. Begin developing your physical and mental capabilities and be ready for anything life throws at you.

Since leaving the Military and working in the training and mindset space for quite a while now, I get inundated with enquiries from guys and girls wanting to know, not only how I physically trained while in Special Forces, but also how I developed the mental toughness to get in there in the first place.

People want to know the Mindset.

“What makes Special Forces guys tough and how can I get that same mindset?”


Because people understand the difference between those who are successful in their endeavours and those who fall short...

Is their mindset.

A strong mindset will help you overcome failure, it will keep you disciplined when motivation is lacking, it will have you creating strong habits and positive daily routines…

A resilient mind will overcome procrastination, self-doubt and self-sabotage and keep you moving forward, acting out your plans and finally reaching your desired goals.

The fact is many people simply want more from life. YOU want more from life.

Maybe you’re stuck in a rut, bored, frustrated, unhappy, scared or lack confidence…

…or maybe you simply want to get the most out of life and you know there’s more within you. You want to learn, grow, develop and reach your full potential…

…you have ambition, drive and persistence and want to become stronger, more confident, more resilient and win!

Sound familiar?

But here’s the thing…

It doesn’t matter how much you think or hope or wish you want something, if you don’t have a clear and defined goal, know your target intimately, form a step by step plan and bulletproof your mission for when it goes wrong, and it will go wrong, then you’re going to find it extremely hard achieving your goals...


…or too scared to even go after them.


And you’re not alone…


Many people struggle with actually setting goals and developing a thorough step by step plan to follow…most people in fact, never even set goals. Fear, lack of confidence, poor mental strength, motivation and lack of knowledge all cause tremendous self-doubt and anxiety and is guaranteed to hinder your progress in moving forward.


But goal setting or “mission planning” is paramount to your success and here’s why…


Research conducted by Gail Matthews, Ph.D, of the Dominican University showed participants in a study group who actually wrote down their goals had a significantly greater chance of reaching those goals then those who simply thought about them.


A 180% increase to be exact!


And setting goals is only one aspect of developing mental toughness, however it’s one of the most important. Your ability to plan out exactly how you’re going to reach your set targets determines how effectively you are going to deal with setbacks within your plan.


And, the ability to overcome setbacks throughout your journey determines how likely you’re going to be at successfully completing your mission.


The quicker you deal with hurdles you encounter, the quicker you’ll get your plan back on track... while remaining committed and driven in your approach.


Now can you see how setting goals and forming a thorough plan can have such a tremendous affect on whether or not you achieve your goals and overcome any setbacks you may encounter?


And this is all totally within our control!


The training methods, mindset techniques and thought processes I learned over the course of my selection process and years within the Military and Special Operations were a steep learning curve, but a highly valuable one.


Lessons hard to come by unless you’ve experienced it first hand.


(But don’t worry…it’s not as bad as it seems and soon you’ll see with thorough and effective mission planning, any goal you set is achievable)


So how can you start learning these lessons?


Is there a system or “hack” that will have you learning the valuable mindset skills of an elite soldier?


There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…


Introducing: The Operator Edge Starter Pack


This pack will have you employing the EXACT mindset, training, mission planning and success strategies I used while in Special Forces and the same methods I still use today to keep myself mentally strong, focused and determined to reach the goals I set.


I actually use these training methods and principles everyday…


In addition to many years serving in the Military and Special Operations where I developed these principles, I train my client base daily utilising the elements within this course to ensure fast, proven and long lasting results.


Imagine what it would be like to know with full confidence, that you are developing the mindset of a Special Forces Operator…


A determined, focused resilient and success driven mindset that will have you building rock solid confidence and an attitude that’s ready to take on anything.


All in a matter of weeks!

Here's an insight into what you'll discover in this package...

  • Warrior Mindset - Learn how to develop the 'Warrior Mindset' & the 'Big 5' essential elements to Operator Edge to ensure a well rounded approach to your mindset development.
  • Elements To Success - Learn and apply my proven 8 Steps To Mission Success and discover why all 8 components are needed to win.
  • Get Clarity - Discover in detail what you want by conducting my extensive 13-step 'Peak State' exercise to zero in on exactly what you want to achieve.
  • Get Specific - Download and complete my short/medium/long term goal setting template to help you set accurate and achievable goals.
  • Get Intimate - Discover how to delve deep into your target, know it intimately & create your ‘why’ - I guarantee you'll need this to stay motivated, persistent and determined to reach your desired end result.
  • Bulletproof Your Mission - Learn how to bulletproof your mission with 'Actions On' to ensure you have a plan of action to combat any setbacks before they even occur. Do not move forward without knowing these!
  • Military Grade Planning - Discover the exact military mission planning process that I used on every single mission as a Commando and how to adapt the process to form a thorough plan of action.
  • Get Tougher - Utilise my 6 week, phase 1 Operator Physical Training Program to begin building your physical strength & resilience and developing 'toughness over fitness'.

...and much, much more!

Plus I'm Including These Bonuses...

BONUS #1 - Emotional Intelligence Guide

If you want to be a Special Forces soldier or have the qualities of one and develop a resilient mindset, you need to be emotionally intelligent. This bonus includes my 6 Elements To Developing Emotional Intelligence Guide: Self-Awareness, Emotional Acknowledgement, Self-Assessment and Self-Control, Empathy, Motivation and Humility so you can begin developing your emotional intelligence.

Value $17.

BONUS #2 - 3 Powerful Mental Toughness Strategies eBook

This second bonus is my 3 Most Powerful Mental Toughness Strategies eBook. These strategies include, The Small Wins Phenomenon, a thorough Mission Planning process and How To Deal With Failure. These 3 strategies are without a doubt my most powerful and will ensure you're well on your way to reaching whatever goals you set.

Value $17

Personally, I wouldn't even contemplate trying to develop my mental resilience without having a proven, step-by-step program to follow, and this is especially true if you want long lasting results.


I mean it…


Don’t start employing any training methods until you’ve read THIS mental toughness training pack.


Have you heard of the expression: “Been there done that?”


Well I have!


I've already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, I made some mistakes by “being there and doing that” along the way…


…and I do this stuff for an actual job!


That’s why I’ve been so careful over the years to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy-to-follow progressive program to be able to pass onto my clients and those looking to build their mental resolve.


So now you don’t have to go it alone!


Normally I sell my Starter Pack for $47, but for a very limited time I’ll let you have instant access to it for just $7!

Yep, $7

Literally, you could get a fancy cup of coffee for this price or you could...

  • Begin your journey to becoming mentally tougher.
  • Start to develop the Operator Edge mindset principles and apply them immediately.
  • Follow my 13-Step goal setting guide to zero in on exactly what you want and make a plan to go out and get it.
  • Thoroughly plan out and bulletproof your mission by utilising a proven Military planning process.
  • Create your 'Actions On' to combat any roadblocks.
  • Increase dramatically your work capacity ability.
  • Massively improve your strength and build a solid platform of muscle.
  • Save time and speed up your results by training only what works.
  • Get mentally “in the game” by completing tough Operator style workouts.
  • Get the Operator edge and start building a solid platform of success each and every time you workout.

Plus Get These Bonuses...

  • BONUS 1- My 6 Elements To Developing Emotional Intelligence with worksheet ($17 Value)
  • BONUS 2- My 3 Most Powerful Mental Toughness Strategies eBook ($17 Value)
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'Steal My Stuff' 60 Day Money Back Guarantee

Try is Risk Free: 100% refund if you are unsatisfied with this product for any reason. No questions asked.

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P.S. My Operator Edge Mindset Course Module 1 and 6 Week, Phase 1 Operator Edge training program, has been developed over years of Military and Special Forces service as well as Private Security Contracting in hostile environments. It is a proven pack designed to build your mental and physical resilience.

But don’t delay, the $7 price won't be around forever. It’s no risk with my 100% money back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhy $7?

    If you’re thinking “$7 is cheap…what’s the catch?” Then here a few reasons that should put your mind at ease:

    $7 puts this information within the reach of everyone…from young guys and girls wanting to join the Military to young adults wanting to develop their physical and mental resilience and even the mature folks who want to get back to where they once were. (And at $7, you shouldn’t have a second thought.) 🙂

    It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious people who take action, and in our experience charging anything…even if it’s just $7…gets rid of 99% of the pretenders.

    We also believe that once you experience this training program and mindset module, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back, buy more and learn more.

    But that’s it…

    No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yep…all of my training has a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

    In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

  • q-iconHow long will it take to access this training program and mindset module?

    You’ll get immediate access.

    Your program and module information will be sent to the email address you provide, and you will be able to download the product and access the membership site straight away.

  • q-iconAre you former Military?

    Yes. I spent over 10 years full-time and 2 years part-time in the Military and Special Forces. I also completed 2 years in the private security sector working in Iraq.

What Others Are Saying...

Rich Awad

If you need to get clear on exactly where you are right now, where you want to get to in the future and how to actually go about closing the gap, then this course will be invaluable in helping you achieve your goals. I've been learning and passing on all the mindset principles within this course to all my students in my Martial Arts club with truly awesome results.

Rich Awad, IFA Martial Arts
Michael Brook

Each week, I look at my plans… I consider that I need to do… then make a commitment to myself that I’m going to get it done no matter what. I’m working hard but effectively. I’m getting the knowledge I need and getting a boat load done. You don’t have to be special to become special. All it needs is attitude, consistent application of effort and integrity above all else.Thanks for your work Rhys, It’s awesome.

Michael Brook
Chris Calvert

I am absolutely enjoying the program and sharing what I have learnt with my wife and children. I am beginning to see a more positive me, physically stronger and mentally stronger. I feel more confident at work and within my social groups and even playing cricket with confidence. The modules are easy to follow and the best part, which I have never seen before within any of the previous programs, is that I am confident when I email a question I will receive a response that isn't a robot, but the founder and trainer. Brilliant.

Chris Calvert

Get the Operator Edge Starter Pack and receive...

  • Operator Edge Mindset Course Module 1
  • The Warrior Mindset
  • 5 Key Principles of Operator Edge
  • 8 Key Elements To Success
  • 13-Step Mission Planning Exercise & Template
  • Bulletproofing Your Mission & Template
  • After Action Report - Fixes, Sustains & Improves + Template
  • Proven Military Mission Planning Process
  • 7-Point Task Schedule
  • 28 Page Downloadable Training Program
  • Workbook And Record Sheet
  • Progressive Muscle Building/Strength Sessions
  • Introduction To Military Endurance Training
  • A Proven Training Program That Actually Works


  • Bonus 1- My 6 Elements To Developing Emotional Intelligence with worksheet ($17 Value)
  • Bonus 2 - My 3 Most Powerful Mental Toughness Strategies eBook ($17 Value)

Get The Entire Starter Pack Today Only $47 $7!

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