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Get Physically & Mentally Prepared for Enlistment

Ensure you're physically and mentally ready for basic training with my Enlistment Starter Pack including my 6 Week Training Program & Mindset Module. This pack will have you increasing your work capacity ability, building your Military endurance and getting you mentally primed for Military life.

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YES! Give Me Access To the starter pack - only $7! (save 85%)

This program got me to the level I needed to not only pass the initial fitness test for the Army, but do really well at Kapooka. Thanks Rhys!

Renee. S

Without Rhys' help I wouldn't have been able to meet my goal of making it through basic training. This program prepared me well to tackle recruit works!

Melanie. R

I was a bit nervous about the physical training at basic. My confidence grew each week with this pack and I absolutely crushed it at recruit training.

Scott. P

Want to make sure you'll be physically ready for basic training? Get this program!

Tim. R

Here's what your getting with this pack...

  • 6 Week Physical Training Program
  • 5 x session per week
  • Build a base layer of muscle
  • Increase your work capacity
  • Acclimatise to Military endurance training
  • Learn my 5 principles to Operator Edge
  • Discover my 8 key elements to success
  • Learn how to set goals and bulletproof your mission
YES! Give Me Access To The starter pack - only $7! (save 85%)