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My name is Rhys Dowden and here at Operator Edge my mission is to pass on as much training, mindset and performance information as I can to those who want to develop their mental and physical strength. I have developed all of this information over my years of service within the Military and teaching mental toughness and feel privileged to be able to share this with those who want to benefit from it.

Now the 5-Step Process To Self-Mastery you now have in your mental resilience kitbag, will certainly have you taking control of your thoughts and actions and developing your emotional intelligence…

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Get the Operator Edge by training for any contingency that may arise. Mental toughness, resilience, persistence, situational awareness, trainability, endurance, strength and work capacity are all elements required to develop an elite mindset. Begin developing your physical and mental capabilities and be ready for anything life throws at you.

Are you sick of being in the same old situation, stuck in the same old rut? Do you struggle to control your thoughts and actions?

It doesn’t matter how much you think you want something, if you can’t control yourself, your thoughts and your actions, you’re probably finding it extremely hard to move forward and achieve what you want.

And you’re not alone…

Many people struggle with lack of confidence, negative feelings and negative self-talk, fear of failure, motivation and lack of knowledge. All this negativity causes tremendous self-doubt and anxiety and is guaranteed to hinder your progress in moving forward.

For example…

Research tells us that the average person says anywhere from 100 to over a 1000 words per minute to themselves.

Think about that, 1000 words per minute.

Now imagine if the majority of that talk is negative. What kind of an impact could that have upon our self image? It’s easy to understand how we convince ourselves of the worse case scenario and even convince ourselves of never even beginning a task because we feel so overwhelmed with negative thoughts and emotions.

And self-talk is only one aspect of Self-Mastery.

Now can you see how Self-Mastery can have such a tremendous affect on whether you achieve your goals or not?

And this is all totally controlled by us!

So how can you begin to master yourself to ensure you’re giving yourself the best chance of success?

Is there a process to follow that will help you gain true self-mastery?

There is, and that’s exactly what this page is all about…


I spent many years in the Army and Special Forces and also operating as a Private Security Contractor in hostile environments and if there’s one thing I learned it’s how important self-mastery is for your confidence, self-reliance, self-worth, motivation and drive.

This pack will have you employing the EXACT self-mastery methods I used while in Special Forces and the same methods I still use today to ensure I hit all the goals I set.

I actually use these methods and principles everyday…

In addition to many years serving in the Army and as a contractor where I developed these principles, I train my clients daily utilising the elements within this module to ensure fast, proven and long lasting results.

Imagine what it would be like to know with full confidence, that you are on the right path in your preparation to tackle your goals by learning the key components to self-mastery and developing the mindset of a Special Forces Soldier at the same time.

This self-mastery module will do just that and is designed to build your confidence, motivation, self-reliance and self-belief ensuring you have the key elements you NEED to successfully reach your goals.

Here's an insight into what you'll discover in this module...

  • Why creating a life around your beliefs, core values, principles, morales and attitude is vital in developing self-mastery.
  • How to listen, acknowledge, observe and recognise your self talk enabling you to always move forward.
  • The 3 Key Questions to ask yourself to break the cycle of negative self talk.
  • 5 ways to identify your strengths & accept compliments.
  • How to recognise negative influences and replace them with positive ones.
  • 2 Simple Questions to confront and dispel your fears.
  • The 1 Question to ask yourself to remain ‘in the present’ and prevent yourself being flooded with negative emotions.
  • Discover The Physiological Strategy to change your thought process and reinterpret events in a more positive light.
  • The 10x Factor to increase momentum, confidence, pride and persistence.
  • The One And Only true statement regarding self-belief and why you need to believe it.
  • The 3 step process to get you ‘fired up’ before attempting any goal
  • How to manipulate your mood through positive body language

...and much, much more!

Plus I'm Including These Bonuses...

Bonus #1

Physical training, I believe, is a crucial element in building mental and physical toughness. Not only does it: Improve your heart function and lowers your risk of disease, such as coronary heart disease, diabetes and cancer, lowers blood pressure, raises good cholesterol levels and  helps your body manage blood sugar and insulin levels...

But it also:

Lowers risk of depression, lowers risk of impaired cognitive function as you age (thinking, learning and judgement skills), promotes neural growth within the brain and reduces brain inflammation.

So with that being said, this second bonus includes my 6-Week Operator Training program. Get fitter, stronger and more resilient. Gain more energy, clarity, focus, physical strength and endurance. Feel healthier and more confident and forge ‘toughness over fitness.’

Value $37

Bonus #2

Special Forces soldiers are emotionally intelligent. They have to be. Fear, stress, exhaustion, sleep deprivation, cold, hunger, adrenalin and hostile environments all combine to put SF Soldiers under extreme circumstances. Being able to control and manage your emotions under duress, to keep yourself and others safe and to think clearly in acting out a mission or task, is an essential quality of being an elite soldier.

If you want to be a Special Forces soldier or have the qualities of one and develop a resilient mindset, you need to be emotionally intelligent. This 2nd bonus includes my 6 Elements To Developing Emotional Intelligence: Self-Awareness, Emotional Acknowledgement, Self-Assessment and Self-Control, Empathy, Motivation and Humility so you can begin developing your emotional intelligence.

Value $17

Personally, if I had my time over again, I wouldn't even contemplate trying to develop my mental toughness without having a proven, step-by-step program to follow, and this is especially true if you want long lasting results that can be replicated over and over again.

I mean it…

Don’t set another goal or plan another mission until you’ve read THIS self-mastery module.

Have you heard of the expression: “Been there done that?”

Well I have!

I've already done all the hard work, made all the mistakes and figured out what works (and what doesn’t). And believe me, I made some mistakes by “being there and doing that” along the way…

…I did this for a long time in Special Forces and still do it today for a living!

That’s why I’ve been so careful over the years to document WHAT WORKS into a simple, easy-to-follow progressive program to be able to pass onto my clients and those looking to develop their mental toughness.

So now you don’t have to go it alone!

Normally I sell each of my Mindset Modules for $47, but for a very limited time I’ll let you have instant access to this plan for just $7!

Yep... $7

Literally, you could buy a new pair of socks or...

  • Learn how to observe, acknowledge and recognise your self talk.
  • Learn how to break negative self talk.
  • Learn how to identify your strengths and accept compliments.
  • Discover how to replace negative influences with positive ones.
  • Learn how to confront and dispel your fears.
  • Start to employ the 10x factor to increase momentum, confidence, pride and persistence.
  • Learn the 3 step process to get you ‘fired up’ before attempting any goal.
  • Learn how to manipulate your mood through positive body language.

Plus receive...

  • Bonus #1: My 6-Week Operator Physical Training Program to develop your mental and physical toughness.
  • Bonus #2: My 6 Elements To Developing Emotional Intelligence guide with worksheet.

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P.S. This mindset module has been developed over years of Military and Special Forces service as well as Private Security Contracting in hostile environments. It is a proven pack designed to build self-mastery enabling you to move forward and achieve exactly what you want. 

Frequently Asked Questions

  • q-iconWhy $7?

    If you’re thinking “$7 is cheap…what’s the catch?” Then here a few reasons that should put your mind at ease:

    $7 puts this information within the reach of everyone…from young guys and girls wanting to join the Military to young adults wanting to develop their physical and mental resilience and even the mature folks who want to get back to where they once were. (And at $7, you shouldn’t have a second thought.) 🙂

    It weeds out the freebie-seekers. We only want serious people who take action, and in our experience charging anything…even if it’s just $7…gets rid of 99% of the pretenders.

    We also believe that once you experience this training program and mindset module, you’ll want more and maybe…just maybe…you’ll come back, buy more and learn more.

    But that’s it…

    No fine print…no “hidden trials”…no shenanigans. Just the information you need and the results you want.

  • q-iconIs there a guarantee?

    Yep…all of my training has a 60-day, no-questions-asked guarantee.

    In other words, if you aren’t happy for any reason, just let me know and I’ll give you your money back. I obviously don’t think it’ll come to that, but if you’re even the least bit worried if this will work for you, then put your mind at ease. You either get the results you want or you get your money back. It’s as simple as that!

  • q-iconHow long will it take to access the self-mastery module?

    You’ll get immediate access.

    Your module access information will be sent to the email address you provide, and you will be able to gain access immediately.

  • q-iconAre you former Military?

    Yes. I spent over 10 years full-time and 2 years part-time in the Military and Special Forces. I also completed 2 years in the private security sector working in Iraq.

What Others Are Saying...

Just wanted to give you a quick thanks for the opportunity here mate, it's already improved my mindset and it's exactly what I've been looking for to step things up a level!

Michael Sarte

The mindset training has helped me the most already and is continuing to help me because every day I walk out my back door jump in my car put on some tunes and mentally prep for the day ahead. I have to be a “soldier” to coin a phrase because being a soldier is what is ultimately getting me through the sh#t at work. The commando mindset is the biggest part of helping me achieve that.

Nathan Smith

Your examples from your experience really made sense and I wish I had this course when I was about 18. Thankyou for putting this out there for others to learn.

Lisa Pritchard

Get the Operator Edge Self-Mastery module and receive...

  • The Full Self-Mastery Module from the Operator Edge Mindset Course
  • What is Self-Mastery?
  • The Self-Mastery Process
  • The Benefits of Self-Mastery
  • The Observation and Recognition of Self Talk and Breaking Negative Self Talk
  • 8 Ways To Improve Positive Self Talk
  • The Mind-Body-Action Process
  • Mastering Body Language


  • Bonus #1: My 6-Week Operator Physical Training Program to develop your mental and physical toughness.
  • Bonus #2: My 6 Elements To Developing Emotional Intelligence guide with worksheet.

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